I have a confession to make.  I have Internet ADHD.  I feel like Dug, the little dog in the movie UP.

Instead of getting sidetracked by squirrel’s, it’s all the cute little links, to all the information that I need to know.

It’s uncontrollable.  I sit down with my To-Do list, and I’m going to stick to the plan seriously this time I tell you!!  But, then the ADHD kicks in, and I end up following link after link to different blogs or websites.  I start out at Ancestry.com, and I’m going to track a relative, but maybe I can find this person on FindAGrave, or maybe on Rootsweb.  No luck, so Google here I come.  Maybe I can find a tip on where to look next.  But, Oh!!  That looks interesting, so I click that link.  Then hey!!  What’s this all about?? So off to that link I go.  Next thing I know, two hours later, I stare dumbly at the screen and wonder what I was doing on here anyway.  But hey, I’ll just check out Facebook, and switch the laundry around and grab a coke, maybe then I will remember how this day was supposed to go!!

Is there help for this??

I need to join a club, or support group to learn to control my link hopping.  Am I the only one that get’s side tracked by all the information out on the web?  Surely, I’m not.  What do you do to stay focused and on task?  I’m sure there’s a link out there that will tell me.  I’ll be right back, going to check……..

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