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Or should I say children? This stone is located in the Harmony Grove Cemetery in Texarkana, Arkansas and it has four children listed on the front, and two children listed on the back. They are:


Flora A.

Died Oct. 21, 1864

Aged 2 y’rs, 10 m’s, 5 d’s

Mary C.

Died Mar 21, 1865

Aged 14 y’rs, 29 d’s

Roda L.

Died Sep 29, 1869

Aged 2 y’rs, 5 m’s, 10 d’s

Martha J.

Died Jun 27, 1874

Aged 5 y’rs, 9 d’s

Children of John & Jemima J. Davis


Henry W.

Died Jul 12, 1869

Aged 3 y’rs, 9 m’s, 25 d’s

James R.

Died Aug 27, 1875

Aged 5 y’rs, 4 m’s, 18 d’s

Children of Simon H and Jennett Askin.


Jennett Askin is also a daughter of John and Jemima Davis. Follow up research done at the Texarkana Library indicates that while Mary C. is listed on this stone, her body is interred at the Sylverino Cemetery, also in Texarkana, Arkansas.

This photo shows the headstone of Jemima Davis, John Davis, three other stones, and then the headstone of the children.

What a testament of their love! They wanted their children remembered. How they must have struggled with the burden of their children’s death. I can only speculate that the combining of all the headstones into one, must have meant hard times were upon them financially as well.


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