Military Monday – Hubert Aaron

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I know that I just talked about Hubert Aaron last week, but when information falls into your lap, you gotta go with it.  I went to the Miller County History Museum in Fouke, Arkansas this past weekend and met with my favorite museum curator, Frank McFerrin.  He offers many books for sale that help to keep the museum open.  I bought one about Miller County Veteran’s and right there on the very first page, staring back at me was Hubert Aaron!  Now I have a good close up picture of him as a young man instead of a child.  I might also add that he’s one good-looking fellow so I know he’s related to us, right??  Here’s what the book had to say about Hubert.

If you happen to have a Veteran in your family from the Miller County area let me know, I will tell you if they are in the book.  If they are, you can do us all a favor and head on down to the Fouke Museum and buy a book to help Frank keep it running.


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