Fly-bys and Drive-bys on the Compound

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Here on the compound, in Mt. Vernon, Arkansas, (42 miles from the nearest Corky’s BBQ, and 11 miles from the nearest gas station, and 24 miles to the nearest Wal-mart – ok, you get the point) usually the only traffic on our road is what my Dad refers to as “THE LOCALS”.  People from our small community, or neighbors that live down my road.  Yes,  I do have neighbors out here, but they are 10 acres away, which is great for playing our music as loud as we want, having parties that included hay rides and dynamite fireworks. I even have some neighbors that have a show on the Animal Planet, the American Stuffers.  You should check them out!

Anyway, back to the point of this post.  Today, the Little Rock Air Force Base has been doing fly-bys, which is a pretty normal occurence around here.  It’s just that today, they were flying-by low and the sky was so pretty, I thought I’d share it with you.

Plane # 2 - coming right toward the house.

Now, he is right above me.

Plane # 2 - about to go over the house

Plane # 2 - over the house

Plane # 2 - there he goes!

Here comes the third plane.

Plane # 3 - flying over.

Now I ran around to the back yard to capture all three planes.  Now, I know you are wondering what happened to plane # 1 since I haven’t mentioned it yet or shown a photo.  Well, by the time I heard the first plane and I grabbed my camera and got outside, the first plane had already flown over the house.  They always fly-by in pairs of three.  If you will look closely, just above the tree in the middle of the picture, you will see the first plane ahead of the other two.

All three planes.

Planes in the Clouds.

After this, I went back around to the front yard looking for Ringo.

Ringo wants to play.

This is when Brown drove by.

Hey Brown! Where are you going? You didn't stop to leave me my new Project Life Pocket Pages!!

Oh, and BTW, could you cut me some slack with the dust!!! We just dusted everything!!

Here goes Hubby, off to work.  This evening shift is a real bummer.  Especially when it is such a pretty day.  Please take note, he is driving slowly in his new truck, so as not to stir the dust and deface his beautiful truck.

Bye Honey! Safe travels to work!

When the best thing to report on is a UPS truck driving down the road, it just goes to show you how boring life can be in the country sometimes.  I wouldn’t trade one minute of it though.


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