Happy Birthday Momma!

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Today is my Momma’s 29th Birthday.  Teasing!  She’s 76.  That would be kinda cool though, that would mean I would get a do-over.  But, then again so would she and would I be here?  I’ll just stick with things the way they are now that I think about it.

Although, I would like to trade her Alzheimer’s in.  It’s something I wouldn’t wish anyone to go through.  Ever.  She handles it better than all of us.  Since she got diagnosed with it last Aug, never once, not one time, has she said “Oh, woe is me.”  Her concern has always been for Dad, and all of us and what she feels she is putting us through.  My Momma’s a trooper!  I could only hope that if I ever have to go through something like this, I do it with the grace my Momma is doing it with.

Now, I’ll share some photos with you of my Momma.  These are some of my favorites.




Look at Momma raising that dress up and showing some leg! Ha

Mom and Nanny Parks

Poo, Mom, and Daddy O. I love this picture. They are at the Grand Canyon

Mom on her horse Czar. She rode him all the time by herself, and loved this horse. She still talks about him all the time. He ran away with her once and her Dad jumped bareback on another horse and came and saved her.

Mom, I love those Shirley Temple curls!

My Mom's cousin Ann, and Mom

I love this picture, Poo is trying to get her pose on, and Mom is photo bombing!!

Mom, 8 years old

Poo and Mom

Mom, she loved this bicycle. She still talks about it all the time.

Mom and her friend Josie

Mom and Josie, nice tubes girls!



Mom and Dad, they dated in High School, but broke up when they went to college.

1954, Mom as Homecoming Sponser at Arkansas High School in Texarkana.

Mom, college days

Mary, Bill and Mary Helen Parks - Christmas 1955.

Mom and Ann



Mom and Dad, on their wedding day. 11 Sep 1964

Mom and Dad, on their 25th Wedding Anniversary

Mom and her friend Josie

Mom and Dad, Thanksgiving 2011

Dad, Aunt Jane, Mom and Uncle Charlie, Christmas 2011


Happy Birthday Mom, oh how we love you!!

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5 comments on “Happy Birthday Momma!

  1. This is a precious post about a precious Lady and then there is the precious Honey Girl that wrote it! LYSG!

    • Thank you Nedra!

  2. That is previous! Love looking at all the photos! A sweet daughter <3

    • Thank you Tina!

  3. • P R E C I O U S!

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