Spring has sprung on The Compound

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We just spent two days working out in the yard, cleaning up all the leaves from around the house and out of the flower beds.  We cleaned up around the pool and mowed the yard.  With all the brown leaves removed, the place sure brightened up.

Our House. My azaleas are beautiful. I love the pink! I just wish they would stay that way longer.

I'm standing by my front flower bed, and looking out to the left of my house. It's hard to see but Mom and Dad's house is snuggled up against the woods on the other side of those hills.

I called my mother and asked her to come look at my flower bed.  She helped me plant about 100 bulbs in it last fall.  Since she just lives right here, she came over on her mule.  No, not a real mule, a motorized mule.  Although we do have some of  those in the field behind my house, they belong to a neighbor.

Mom was happy as could be.  She has Alzheimer’s and every day becomes a bigger struggle for her.  For now, she still knows us and knows where she is but there is a definite decline in her short time memory.  In fact, probably by the time she got back home she forgot what she was even doing at my house.  It breaks my heart for her, but she is a trooper!!  She started waving and smiling about half way over here.

My Momma

There are no signs of the 60 tulip bulbs that I planted, but its still a little early for them.  I do have Iris’ and Garlic coming up.  I can’t wait until the blooms open up fully.

Garlic Bulb

Here’s my yellow bluebird house.  A bluebird flew out of it when I was working in the flower bed.  I wasn’t quick enough to get him on camera.  You can see my house behind it.

Bluebird house

Here comes my husband, he’s mulching up the last piles of leaves that I pulled out from the sides of the house.

The Hubs - see the blue bird house on the tree?? I love to have the birds around here.

And we can’t leave Ringo out, he loves to be outside when the weather is good.  He played out here all day.

Ringo Lizard

On the way back to the house, I dodged bees.  Lots of them, all over my azaleas.  But I didn’t dodge this beautiful butterfly.  He was really busy.




So, I’m worn out from the work, but it’s always rewarding to get the place looking nice and ready for summer.  I can’t wait until we open the pool.  That time will be here before you know it!



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One comment on “Spring has sprung on The Compound

  1. Love your home and pics! It’s a dream
    Of mine to live in a spread like that. Although I do live in the backwoods in Alabama, my house is in a
    Subdivision and not in the county I want but I’ll get there soon. Working real hard! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your beautiful life and beauty thru ur eyes too! 😉

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