Go Fly a Kite!!

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I don’t mean that viciously, I just mean go fly a kite.

For real.

It’s entertaining and exciting when you aren’t trying to untangle them for hours.

Or pull them out of trees.

Or keep them out of power lines.  (Yes, we have power lines on the compound)

Or away from the other kites.  (There is a story behind this, it’s for later though)

What I’m trying to say is, for the 20 minutes the kites were in the air, I spent two hours keeping them untangled.  Poor Tori was fed up.  Hers tangled the most because she had never flown a kite before, or maybe it had been so long since she had, she didn’t remember how.

First, Michael got his up in the air.

Now, Tori is giving it a go.

Wow, Michael’s Angry Bird, is way up there!!!

Way, way, way up there!!  Ringo wants the kite!

Now Tori is finally getting her Angry Bird up in the air!!

Down, and tangled.

While this occured, I went and helped her to untangle it, and I told Michael to go get my kite. Well, he walked to the garage, and never put his kite down. He comes back out into the wind, and the two kites tangle together and he gets mad, winds up all the string (and streamers!!) from both kites together onto one handle, and goes inside. That took me an hour (at least) to untangle, and at times, the Hubs, Tori and Michael had to hold different sections of the strings so we could get them untangled from each other.


I should have taken a picture of that, but I didn’t.

I was angry at the Angry Birds.

I showed her how to get her kite up in the air without having to run, and she was finally getting the hang of it.

Finally, way up in the sky! Good job Tori!

Now, Tori’s Angry Bird is way, way, way up there!

In the end, the inevitable happened. Tori’s blue Angry Bird, lost her streamer to the tree.

It was fun though, and we all spent time together, and that is what’s important. I want my children to have fond memories to look back on one day and tell my descendants!


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