Road Trip!

I have been stuck at home all summer sick and now that I feel better, I have been itching to get out of the house.

So, I loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly.

Hills that is.


Just kidding.

That’s not really Granny from the TV show The Beverly Hillbillies even though it looks like her.

That is my 2nd great grandmother, Venetia Carlissa Ball and I have come to Texarkana to visit some family and so that I can drive over to Hooks, Texas and try to find out more about Venetia as she is the granddaughter of Warren Hooks for whom the town was named after.

Nedra and Jerry Turney, graciously allow me to stay with them every time I come to town and so far we have had a great time. Nedra is my father’s first cousin.

Mary Beth Dwight, daughter of my father’s first cousin LC Chapman, a cousin I had never met, came over to Nedra’s today along with her daughter and we got to chat and look at pictures and we had a great time.

I’d post a picture, but since I have been sick this summer, it seems I have done nothing but gain weight and I look like the pillsbury dough boy’s twin sister. Not to mention I had neither the time nor the desire to go sit and get my hair colored so I look as old as I think the pillsbury dough boy actually is.


Oh well, at least my toes look good!

Nedra dug out some old pictures and I sent them through instagram and thought I would share them with you.

They are all of Nedra and Jerry.

This is beautiful Nedra a couple of years ago. 😉


This is Jerry, more than a couple of years ago. 😉


This is both Nedra and Jerry, last week sometime???


I love the car Jerry!


Aren’t they cute? King and Queen!


Here they are today, better looking than they were yesterday, right??


Having a great time and when I come up with more good stuff, I’ll post it here!

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