It’s A Blizzard!

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We are having a white Christmas and us Southern girls just aren’t used to this.

I mean, I just wore flip-flops yesterday!

I opened up the garage and the snow blew in and blew my dress up.

Ok, not really.

I haven’t worn a dress since I wore pigtail’s and that was a looonng time ago.

It did blow through my sweat pants though.

White Christmas

Here is another shot from the garage:

White Christmas

And here is another shot of the yard from the garage in the rare moment that the wind wasn’t blowing the flakes into the garage:

White Christmas

Here is a shot from the back yard:

White Christmas

And I can’t leave the front yard out:


I think it’s great you can’t see all the weeds in that flower bed.  🙂

I can’t see my brother’s house across the street and I sure can’t see Mom and Dad’s next door.  I’ll take better pictures tomorrow when it’s daylight.

Merry White Christmas from Arkansas!


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