Remembering my Grandmother – Mary Virginia Ball Parks

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Today, if my grandmother Mary Parks were still here, she would be 100 years old.  I can’t imagine.  She’s been gone since 2007 and it seems like forever.

She was such a vital part of making me who I am. From the time my grandfather died in 1978, she was a part of my daily life because she moved in with us.  At first, we shared a room and it never really bothered me unless I wanted to play when General Hospital, Dallas, Knots Landing or Trapper John MD was on and then it was silence or risk her wrath.  She had quite the temper when she was mad, but she was still really good to me.

She rubbed Jergens Lotion on with a vengeance and to this day when I smell it, I think of her and it’s comforting.  She was there when I got home from school, she was there if I was sick.  She took me to Dr.’s and Dentist’s.  She cooked our meals and did our laundry while Mom and Dad worked.  She was always there if I wanted to go somewhere.  I can’t tell you how many hours she sat outside Indianhead Lake Pool in her lawn chair under the tree so I could swim.

She has really been on my mind today and so I put together this video with pictures from her life.  What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong was the very last song she heard.  I had the privilege to be with her as she left this world and went into the arms of our Father, with this song playing on my phone laying on her pillow.

I love you and miss you Poo!  Thank you for being my grandmother!

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