Treasure Chest Thursday – Memaw’s Victrola

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One of the things I remember the most about going to my Memaw’s (Edna Harris Higginbotham) house was how still and quiet it always was.  We would sit in the living room and you could hear the tick tock.. tick tock.. tick tock .. of her clocks.  She would have a lamp on, but no over head lights and it always seemed kind of sad to me.

Dad would turn the TV on and she would become annoyed.  She was hard of hearing and I think all the noise that we brought with us, plus the TV must have been sounded like a jumbled mess to her and I imagine it felt overwhelming to her compared to the tick tock.. tick tock.. tick tock .. of her clocks.

I never heard her play music, or see her watch TV.  So, when my Uncle Charlie Starks called and told me to come by and get my Memaw’s Victrola, I was very excited.  I didn’t remember her having one and she certainly never played it for me.  Then I saw it, and remembered the cabinet, I just never knew what was in it.


I don’t think I ever saw her open it and I can’t remember what sat on top of it if anything did.

It looks to be in excellent shape, and still has the original book with it.


She still works, but I can bet a good tuneup wouldn’t hurt any.

How about that?!   I wonder if I had known what was in the cabinet, if I could have talked her into playing a record for me?  We could have broken the silence of her house with music from her past and maybe I would have heard some stories about the ole’ Victrola.

At any rate, makes me feel closer to her and thank you Uncle Charlie!

Hmmm, I think I will start checking for some Christmas albums on ebay to play for the holidays.

I wonder how many times I can talk Knucklehead into getting up and cranking the handle instead of pushing a button on an iPhone to play a song?

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One comment on “Treasure Chest Thursday – Memaw’s Victrola

  1. I bet when no one was around, she cranked it up, listened and remembered someone from the past or perhaps dancing with her love.

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