Tombstone Tuesday – Rufus F and Dona A Higginbotham

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When we went to Texarkana a couple of weeks ago, I took Knucklehead by Woodlawn Cemetery to visit the grave of his 2nd great grandparents, Rufus Francis Higginbotham, Jr. and Eudonia A. Williams Higginbotham.  I try to take him by at least one cemetery on every trip.

Headstone of Rufus F and Dona A Higginbotham

I didn’t have time on this trip to replace the flowers, but they definitely need replacing.

Knucklehead enjoys going to the cemeteries with me and I am so glad he does.  Here he is taking a selfie that he put on his Facebook page.

Michael at Headstone of Rufus F and Dona A Higginbotham

Hopefully, by the time he is grown, I’ll have a picture of him with the headstones of all of his ancestors that we know about.  Wouldn’t that be cool?

Michael at Headstone of Rufus F and Dona A Higginbotham

So here’s a question for you.  Most of us take a photo of a headstone, then add it to our family tree, and then add it to Find-A-Grave if there isn’t one already on there.  When you take photo’s of loved ones with headstones, do you add those to your tree as well?

I think about what will happen to my genealogy all the time after I’m gone.  I mean I have put so much work into it, I worry no one will respect it like I do.  I also feel like there is a slim to none chance that anyone will take the time to dig through all the thousands of pictures on my hard-drive, or the boxes and file cabinets stuffed with treasures that have yet to make it into my tree.

The most probable thing will be Knucklehead will one day pull up my tree and will see what is there.  If this picture isn’t there will he even remember this trip? How much information do you put in your tree?  Every little detail, or just the bare bone vital records type of facts?  Do you add information on living people, like the photo above?  I have a feeling if I don’t get it in the tree, it will be gone just like yesterday.

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