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Find Me Friday is my own little blog prompt to help me post pictures of unidentified people, or people who are identified, but I don’t know who they are or how they connect to my family.

One good thing about the 52 Ancestors in 52 weeks challenge of Amy Johnson Crow over at No Story Too Small blog is that while I’m going through all my files looking at documents and preparing the posts is that I am coming across things that I have forgotten about, or maybe they mean more to me now that I have done more research.

Last week when I was working on my blog post for 52 Ancestors – #3 James Edmund Harris, I came across this photo that Martha Harris Horn and Butch Harris had shared with me.

Possibly Goldie Freedle??

Possibly Goldie Freedle??

Now, I can’t read the first name for certain. My brother Butch thinks it could be Anna. I’m not sure. The middle name is definitely Harris and the last name is definitely Freedle. Then you have the back of the photo.

Possibly Goldie Freedle??

Possibly Goldie Freedle??

First it says, for “Uncle Edd Haris“.

Then the other writing says, “Hellaw Grandmoma and Grandpa and little brothers. little Goldie Freedle.

So, this has to be a niece of Grandpa of Ed. In some of my research at one point I listed Grandpa Ed’s brother Levi Harris as having a daughter named Paris, which I found on the 1900 census for Levi. Turns out when I went back and looked today, Paris is a son of Levi, not a daughter.  I had hoped this was possibly the mother of Goldie, but it wasn’t to be.

What’s odd is, the family of Levi is living with Mahala (Valentine) Harris Hogan, the mother of Grandpa Ed and Levi, and they are listed as Hogan’s not Harris’.  Mahala had remarried William H. Hogan after William James Harris passed away.

1900 Mahala Harris Hogan Census

1900 Census – Mahala Harris Hogan Family

A quick search on lead me to this record:

Paris Goldie Freedle Campos Death Record for California

Paris Goldie Freedle Campos Death Record for California

So, hmmmmmm. Maybe I’m on the right track?

If you know little Goldie Freedle, please contact me.

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