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Find Me Friday is a blog prompt I use to post a picture of someone who is unidentified in the hopes that someone else will have the picture and know who it is.  I have solved several mysteries this way.

Sometimes I post a picture of someone who is identified in the hopes that someone out there might be looking for their photo and be lucky enough to find it here.

Sometimes I post information about someone in the hopes that I can find out more about them or what became of them.  This is the case today with Luther Higginbotham.

Luther is the first cousin of my grandfather Earl.  Luther was born to Rena (Peavy) Higginbotham and Charles S. Higginbotham in abt. 1899

This is a picture that was labeled Luther Higginbotham, and was among the photos that I got from my Aunt Jane. This uniform appears to be WWI to me, but I’m certainly no expert.

Luther Higginbotham

In this photo, Luther is the little boy in the middle and his mother, Rena (Peavy) Higginbotham, is on the left sitting down. Charles Higginbotham, his father is on the right sitting down. Standing behind them, I believe (but not positive) is Alice (Higginbotham) Crank and Florence (Higginbotham) Davis.

charlie rena luther higginbotham

This photo with Luther Higginbotham in the middle, was labeled by my grandfather, Earl Higginbotham.

luther higg

This photo of Luther as a boy was posted on by a family member of Rena’s second husband. I believe Charles died sometime before 1910, as Rena was listed on the 1910 census as a widow, and then remarried in 1911.

Luther Higginbotham (3)

I’d love to know what happened to Luther, Charles and Rena.  If you are a descendant of theirs, I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Once more your creative writing is so enjoyed by me myself and I.

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