Thriller Thursday – I Have an Unusual Attachment to the Dead!

Come save me Amy Allen!

If you don’t know who Amy Allen is, let me enlighten you.

The Dead Files

Amy is on a television show that I watch on a regular basis, The Dead Files, for the genealogy aspect of it.

Ok, ok, I admit I like to see what ghosts Amy encounters, they definitely add to the spooky aspect of the show.

You see, Amy is a medium.  She can talk to dead people!

What’s cool about this show is she goes to the property at night when no one else is around and does a walk through.  Meanwhile, her partner Steve Di Schiavi does all the leg work to see what history he can find out about the property, who lived there, what happened to them, what happened in the area around the property, etc. etc.  He keeps it secret from Amy, and at the end of the show they come together, and he presents his “evidence” and Amy relates her walk through, and usually she has sketches done by sketch artists.  They have never once differed on what they dig up. Her sketches usually look like a photo Steve has dug up.

You see, Steve is a former NYPD Detective.  He’s got mad skills!  Any genealogist or family historian can learn tips from Steve on digging up the past by watching this show. It shows him going all over town, doing research and interviewing people.

The other night I was watching the show, and Amy enters a property and she looks at the camera and says, “Whoah!!  Someone living here has an unusual attachment to the Dead!”

I immediately jumped out of my recliner and ran to the driveway to see if the film crew was out in my yard.  I was sorely disappointed.

I think if Amy had shown up to my house, she would have no doubt said the same thing about my property. The antiques that have been handed down to me that fill my home, the photos of ancestors lining my walls, the stacks of wills, probates, marriage licenses, and endless charts of this family line or that one, would all be a dead (excuse the pun) giveaway of my unusual attachment to the dead.

Do I want the dead lined up at the end of my bed as I sleep at night?  Well, goodness no! Not unless they want to tell me what FHW’s real name is and why he had a falling out with the family, or unless they want to tell me where John D. Parks came from and who his parents were.  Were my Robertson Ancestors of Cherokee blood?  Is Jane Holley Higginbotham a native american as family legend has told us?  Where is HWM??

I guess this show makes a very good case that everyone has a story waiting to be told. Apparently, even after they’re dead!  So they next time you see a chair slide across the room, don’t get scared!  Maybe one of your Ancestor’s is trying to tell you something!

As for me, I’ll keep on with my unusual attachment to the dead.  I still have ancestor’s to find.

Just think of the discoveries a genealogist could make if they had their own medium and detective!

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5 comments on “Thriller Thursday – I Have an Unusual Attachment to the Dead!

  1. Great post, Susie! Really enjoyed the read. So punny…

    • Ha ha, thanks Barbara!

  2. I resonate with several of your comments. My family is kind of on the sensitive side to varying degrees. My niece used to tell her folks about the cold people that woke her up, which my brother thought was all stories until she started supplying details a 5 year old would not know, including salutations from dead relatives. He told her not to do that anymore, so I think she has gotten out of the habit now that she is 18. I have bunches of stories on that kind of stuff. Latest was a couple of series of 3 loud knocks on the living room wall at 2AM while I was watching TV after a gig. Nobody else in the house was up, and I looked, and I looked outside too even thought it was an interior wall.

    My family appears to have some NA blood in them. The Odoms reportedly have Chowan, the Edwards reported Creek. At some point the Odoms and Edwards actually intermarried when they got to Bossier Parish.

    • That’s very interesting, thanks for sharing. My Dad and his cousin were just telling me of a cousin who could “whisper” away warts. If anyone in the family had one, they would go to him and all they had to do is tell him and he would I guess say something, or rub the wart, and in a few days it would be gone. I guess we all have extraordinary people in our families! Good luck with searching out your NA ancestry!

  3. We found a spell in a family bible for stopping nose bleeds. As I recall it went something like “The white rose (was for something), the red rose was for the blood of Christ) and there was another part to it. I don’t recall that we ever tried it.

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