Pray for Arkansas

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Dear Friends and Family,

Last night, three devastating tornadoes hit the ground in Arkansas.  One of them was on the ground for over 80 miles and devastated the towns of Mayflower, and Vilonia.  One of the tornadoes came through a community called El Paso, just ten miles south of our house. As we sat together in the shelter at my Mom and Dad’s house, we heard a transformer blow, and then we could hear the tornado.  It was very scary, but we were fortunate that the tornado did not come to our house and we had no damage.

Several of my friends from the Vilonia area were not so lucky.  They have completely lost their houses.  There are 16 casualties reported so far, and the search is still ongoing through the rubble.

Please do NOT go to these areas.  Allow the city and county officials along with the National Guard to get the power lines up and make sure the loved ones are accounted for or recovered. After that, they will open for volunteers to help clear the debris. In the mean time, please call the Red Cross and offer your services or donations to them.

Please pray for these communities and that there will be no more loss of life found today.

Pray for Arkansas

Pray for Arkansas

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One comment on “Pray for Arkansas

  1. Just as long as you’re okay! Been praying for Arkansas. Worried about you and you’re family! Praise God, you all are okay!

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