52 Ancestors – #20 Godfrey Shelton

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I have decided to accept the challenge of Amy Johnson Crow over at No Story Too Small blog. Amy challenges us: 52 Ancestors in 52 weeks.  I think this is an excellent challenge as I tend to focus on my brick walls, and this will force me to fan out in my tree and focus on other ancestors.

This is week twenty, and my twentieth post.  This week I will be talking about Godfrey Shelton, my 5th great-grandfather.  I had originally planned to talk about Wevie’s husband since I posted about Wevie last week, but that all changed after my visit to the Daughter’s of the American Revolution headquarters in Washington, DC on Thursday.

Since my last trip to DC,  I had filled a huge genealogy chart for myself that holds up to 10 generations, which is enough for me to search patriots of the American Revolution. So I took my chart into the DAR headquarters, sat at one of the computers and started looking up all the men on my chart that would have lived in that time period.  I found three more patriots, including Godfrey Shelton!

Godfrey Shelton, Ancestor # A102775 was found listed on the Virginia War Rolls, Volume 4, page 341 as being in the Virginia Line Infantry.  He is also listed on page 872 of Historical register of Virginians in the revolution, soldiers, sailors, marines, 1775-1783.

As best I can tell Godfrey was born about 1760, and was the son of Josiah Shelton. The will of Josiah Shelton was in his DAR file, listing Godfrey as administrator of Josiah’s estate.

Also in his file, was this abstract from Charlotte County, Virginia regarding the marriage of Godfrey Shelton to Molly Williams on 2 Feb 1768.

Godfrey Shelton and Molly Williams Marriage Record

Godfrey Shelton and Molly Williams Marriage Record

Don’t you just love to find a record like this that lists a parent?!?!  Thank you for the hint , DAR!!!  Cause you all know how easy it is to track the surname Williams, right?!  Not!

According to the 1820 Census, Godfrey was living in Davidson Co., Tennessee and was responsible for 26 people; himself, his wife, five boys, one girl, and nineteen slaves.

Godfrey Shelton 1820 Census

Godfrey Shelton 1820 Census

On the 1830 Census, Godfrey is again listed in Davidson County, Tennessee, this time he has 36 people he’s responsible for, himself, his wife, a boy, a girl and 32 slaves!! Unreal!

Godfrey Shelton 1830 Census

I also found a copy of his will in the DAR file from Davidson County, Tennessee dated Oct, 1830 so he must have died after the census taker came by.

Godfrey Shelton Will

Godfrey Shelton Will

And that is it! And, that’s only a smidgen of what I found out yesterday at the DAR, because I found out about three other patriots as well.

As far as Godfrey goes though, it sure gave me a good start on him, wouldn’t you say??

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