Mary Helen Higginbotham, 83 Years Loved!

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Mary Helen Higginbotham
March 30, 1936 – May 18, 2019

My beloved mother, Mary Helen (Parks) Higginbotham passed away on May 18, 2019 after a 13 year battle with Alzheimer’s. There aren’t enough words to convey how deeply we feel this loss and what a terrible nightmare Alzheimer’s really is. We honored her wish to stay at home, and she died surrounded by her family, and she was loved and nurtured every minute of her life.

The one thing that gets me through, is knowing she didn’t know how bad it was. She no longer lives in fear and constant confusion every day because she didn’t know the people surrounding her. Her mind is restored and she is free from the burdens of that ugly disease and I have no doubt she is smelling every flower in God’s garden right now.

Oh, how she loved her flowers and yard. She worked tirelessly in her yard, and it was so beautiful. We took so many trips to flower shows, garden centers, beautiful gardens and anywhere she wanted to go to see some flower or a tree, or a new yard ornament she needed.

Most of all, I would like you to know how giving my mother was. If she saw a need, it didn’t matter if you were family, a friend, or even a stranger, she did her best to help. She went above and beyond. My favorite Christmas as a little girl was when she sponsored a family, and absolutely filled their home with everything they needed and more. I will never forget the joy in those kids eyes at their new clothes and toys, and how their mother just cried and hugged my mother endlessly it seemed to me. I felt such pride and joy as I helped place all the food in the their cabinets and knew they were going to have as good of a Christmas as we did. Christmas was my mother’s favorite time of year! Oh, how she loved her Snow Village and I just remember how mesmerized all of her grandkids were standing around looking at all the buildings, lights and moving parts.

She and Dad were married for 54 years, and her unconditional love for him was truly amazing. She wasn’t apart from him very much, but when she was, all I ever heard about was how great of a man he was, how much she loved him and she never wavered on that. Not once did I ever hear a bad word about him come out of her mouth. If they ever argued, I never once heard it. She taught me to love, and to love hard and to hold on to those you hold dear. That every single person deserves compassion and care.

When I was 13, she took me for the first time to War Eagle Mill for my first craft show. We went every year after that until about 10 years ago when it just became too hard for her to go. Every year that I went, at her suggestion, I bought a dish for my “hope chest” which turned into just adding them to my collection. I went yesterday into my cupboards and counted 24 pans. 24 years of a week long vacation with my mother that I have so many treasured memories from.

I could go on an on about just how special my mother truly was, but if you knew her, you already know this! No explanation needed. If you didn’t know her, you missed out on one amazing woman!

I would love for you to share a memory of her with me below if you have one, or please sign her online memorial at :

Rest in peace, my beautiful Momma. I love you, a bushel and peck. A bushel and peck, and a hug around the neck. And I’m talking in my sleep about you!!

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2 comments on “Mary Helen Higginbotham, 83 Years Loved!

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. Hold on to all the good memories you have and they will help you have peace. My Mom suffered from the same disease for about the same length of time. But thankfully I have all the wonderful memories of the good life she helped to provide for us and to shape us into who we are today.
    God Bless you!

    Ken Wilder

  2. Thanks Susie for keeping in touch .. you have been very helpful with my Higginbotham line research. I am truly sadden to hear about your mothers passing but it is comforting to know she left you with so many nice memories.

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