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Hi, my name is Susie Higginbotham and I live in Mt. Vernon, Arkansas. 

I’m NOT a professional genealogist. I’m just a girl that likes to drive her family mad by working on the family tree so that I might leave my children and heirs with the knowledge of who they came from, and how it is that we got to where we are now.

Many years ago, as my maternal grandmother was getting ready to go in an assisted living center, I was helping her go through her belongings and sort out what she was going to take with her and what she wanted and didn’t want anymore. To my horror, in her throw away stack, were all of her photo albums, my great grandmother’s bible, and all sorts of memorabilia from her life. I promptly grabbed them up and asked if I could keep them, and she said “Well sure, but I don’t know what you want with my memories.” Well, at that time, I didn’t either. So into the back of my closet they went.

Then, in 2007 when she passed away, one of my father’s cousins came to her funeral. This was the first time I had ever seen her. She came up and hugged my Dad’s neck after the funeral and began to talk to him. Pointing to the road behind the cemetery, she said to my father, “Do you remember the time your mother was taking all us cousins to school and right there on that road, the truck in front of us started losing the barrels off the back and your mother dodged every one of them and just kept on going?” What?! My Memaw, dodged barrels!! My Dad had cousins?!  My Memaw drove them all to school?!  I was so intrigued! I mean, I knew in the back of my mind my Dad had cousins, but I didn’t know them; even though I had met some of them once. Growing up, we lived two hours from my mother and father’s hometown of Texarkana, Arkansas and we only went back occasionally to visit my Memaw and Aunt.

All fired up, I promptly went home and dug those pictures out, determined that piece by piece I was going to know my family, one way or another.  And so, right then and there, my journey started, one day to late to speak with my grandmother about her family, which is my biggest regret.   All is not lost though.  Now I go back to my parent’s hometown often. I have gotten to know all of my Dad’s cousins and some of my Mother’s family.  There have been so many discoveries, some good and some bad, some happy and some sad, but the biggest treasure of it all is that I have gotten to know so many great family members, and I can’t wait to find the next one.

Each day I learn something new and it is both a privilege and a pleasure to share it with others. It is not my goal to become the best blog, to try and get the most “ping backs” (whatever they are!), or links back to my site, although it would be nice.  🙂  My goal is simply to share this experience with others, and try to learn from the REAL genealogists out there.

That being said, there are going to be errors in my reports and mistakes made on this site because when I first started this, it was simply to find out who my ancestors were, and find any other cousins out there that I was missing out on.  Now, it has become so much more, and other cousins have contributed so much information to me I can hardly keep up.  So, when you find a mistake, please bare with me, and kindly inform me so that I can make the correction right away.

As for me,  I will be here, hogging the computer and diligently working away on telling you about my ancestors and their untold stories.

~Susie Higginbotham~

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36 comments on “About Me

  1. Susie,
    What a treasure you are to this whole family. This web site is so wonderful and I am so proud of you! This is only the beginning………..
    Love you so good!

  2. Hi Susie
    This is a beautiful blog and you have a lovely writing style. Such a wonderful example of a blog sharing family stories.

  3. Susie, the blessing is ours. Those of us who remember you as an infant never dreamed of our present relationship. You are the VOICE and MEMORY of our family. Your enthusiasm is infectious. You have, and continue, to glean our memories for the interesting trivia that makes our ancestors come alive. If you find train robbers, ax murderers, or just simple folk, it is important because that is the stuff we are made of. Just as no one of us is perfect, no family has a pristine ancestry….just look at the Kennedys or many other national leaders of esteem. In reality they are no greater nor no less that each of us. Keep up the great work. I love it!

  4. I was happy to see the bible of AJ Smith. He is my maternal 3rd Great Grandfather. So we must be related!

  5. Beautiful…. To not only have childhood memories of you, but who and what you grew up to be and inspire, share and bless others with your story . Enjoy and THANK YOU !!!


  6. Did you know that Sanford Higginbotham, private, was in Webb’s Battalion Alabama Mounted Militia Infantry, Seal’s Company. This was during the Creek Indian War.

    I found this yesterday in the Alabama Genealogical Quarterly, Special Edition, Volume 2, No. 2&3, page 197.

    This cought my eye by the name Sanford Higginbotham. I live on the State Line Road near Ardmore, TN/AL. When I was growing up a new family bough a farm in our neighborhood and moved in. The father’s name was Sanford Winston Higginbotham. He was born 10 Mar 1876 and died 1 Feb 1946 in Lincoln County, TN.

    This Sanford was the son of Isaac Robert and Elizabeth Hardyman (Hardiman). I thought that some way, or other, the two Sanfords might be related. A Higginbotham book about the descendants of Moses Higginbotham was written by Earl and Nina Higginbotham who live in Texas.

    Who were the parents of Sanford and Joseph Higginbotham. I don’t remember seeing them in your posts. By the way, I really enjoyed your articles. I am not a blood Higginbotham relative but am through marriage.

  7. Happy New Years, Susie! Found your webpage and I love it! Still researching the Forrest Hooks side, but awaiting info from Salt Lake City, Ut. Will keep you posted!

    • Can’t wait to hear your findings Deborah! I wish you a blessed 2013!

  8. Susie, I love your blog and the way you write. I think I could spend all day here, but will have to settle for a subscription to your new entries for now! Keep sharing those stories – for your family and all of us.

  9. Susie, my nephew sent me info he got from you on my grandmother, Osa Alexander Sloan. I had never seen a picture of her and was awestruck to see her as a young girl and as a mother. Like you, I wept when I read the letter she sent to your Aunt during the Depression. In the letter, the little one asking for more food because she was hungry was my mother, Loretta Marie Sloan. Her family always called her by her middle name. I can’t tell you how much your research and sharing has meant to my family. I just directed my brother in Iowa to your site and we were both just blown away by seeing our grandparents and great grandparents for the first time. None of us (seven children) ever met our grandparents on my mother’s side. These pictures will be treasured. I’d love to tell you more about the significance of that letter in solving a family mystery and hope we can stay in touch. Thank you so very much – this is truly a blessing.

    • Maridell, this is exactly what I was hoping to get out of doing this blog. Find family, and tell their stories and I’m so thrilled that you guys have found us. When Nedra and I first read this letter, we were so shocked. I told Nedra right away, I have to find Osa’s descendants! I just had to know the rest of her story! I’ve never read such a heartrending story. I can’t imagine what Osa went through. All I could think about was, what choice would I make, and could I make the choice to feed myself or my child? Every mother’s worst nightmare! Mark has my number and I would love to talk to you! I would love to hear about the mystery solved and I hope we can get to know one another. I would love to also put you all in touch with Nedra, as she has been there this whole time with me as we unraveled Osa’s story! I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for contacting me, this made my whole day!

  10. I had a teacher at Saint Monica’s school in Dallas, Texas back in the 50s named Mrs Higginbotham. She looked a little like you too.

  11. Susie, please forgive me, I forgot to tell you that i have been trying to find some informative source that would
    help us try to learn of Uncle Harry’s real surname and that of any of his forbears and collateral relatives, as well.

  12. hi Susie. Im trying to find my link to you. I am descended from Moses Higginbotham and Mary Francis Kyle

  13. Hello,

    I just accidentally found your blog while looking for information on Ens. Thomas Keeling who is my 10th great grandfather. I just started my search into my heritage and have found quite a lot but have come across some dead ends on a few folks. Trying to figure out how to manage all that I have found is a task in itself. Keep up the good work and glad you kept all those memories from your Grams house. Looking forward to hearing more.

    David Hogue
    Grand Prairie, TX.

  14. HI Susie, I look forward to seeing more of your blog. Right now, I’m working on bringing the descendents of John and Jamima to 1940 census and adding my mother and her sister research to my db again. They had traded info with Malcolm Dow and Billy Boykin. Elza Mae Davis b. 4 Aug 1927 d. 14 Apr 2007 (my aunt) and Lela I. Davis Jester b. 20 Nov 1923 d. 17 Dec 2014 (Mama). they were the daughters of Joe Ed Davis and Osie Ola Rena Morton. Joe Ed was the son of John Dallas Davis and Mary Ann Thornton. Only one daughter of Joe Ed and Osie is still living. John Dallas was the son of John and Jamima. AND I want to thank you for not putting a T. on John’s name. He never used a T and we have fought to have it removed. And since he signed the land sale in AL in 1859 with a mark, my guess is his mark may have been mistaken for a T. I believe I have also tracked the John T. in Days Creeks, Miller, AR who m. Martha J. Corzine back to Franklin, Union, AR 1850 to H. I. and Malcy Davis who may or not be related to our John.

  15. Well, I spoke too soon. PLEASE provide documentation of John’s middle name. Its not used on his marriage license to Mima, its not the land deed signed with a MARK, in 1859 in Lowndes Co AL, Its not on the 1850 or 1870 census. And its not on his head stone. As for the Bible record I have heard about, is it the marriage of William Lynn and Sarah Robertson? If you REALLY study that record, its the same handwriting through-out. print it out to a high dpi resolution and take a magnifying glass or like I did enlarge it to near pixelated and follow the tail loop of y in Seventy Four Then, it falls in between Jno Davis. the top loop of the D meets into the y tail. Now someone who can sign their name in script with a dipping pen, is not going to make a printed T. The T should resemble something like the F in Four. Unless, John’s mark resembles a T and someone wrote his name around it. But why would he use it there and not on any other legal documents. Why would he sign the land deeds with a mark and sign that?

  16. What a beautiful makeover on those chairs. I did something similar to with my grandmother’s upholstered chair. It’s so nice to them them come alive again. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Hi Susie!! I sent you an email on ancestry , there is a new match between me and someone in your family as second cousins! With me being adopted I am hoping it is on my fathers side!! Looks like we link with the Fullers …specifically descendants of Benjamin Franklin Fuller 🙂 Hope to connect soon!! Staci

  18. Susie, My great grandmother was Mary Mary Jane Willis daughter of Paul Tillman Willis who was married to Matilda Higginbotham so know we are cousins from that period of time. I have been searching for several years on information on this family and you have filled in the blanks with your information. I must thank you very much.
    Now if I could just find information on the Ridley side, William M. Ridley, , Mary Jane’s husband.

    • I wish I knew more to help you regarding the Ridley’s. The most I have found about anyone on that line is the information contained in the Dawe’s Files I found. I have them posted on my website. Have you read through all of those? They might have some information in there to help you.

  19. My cousin stumble on this. Enjoyed reading about the Story of Yellow Creek. My grandparents were a part of the Yellow Creek story. Thank you!

  20. So glad I found your blog! Looks like you and my husband are cousins…down the Higginbotham line of course.

    • How wonderful. Always love finding new cousins!

  21. Hi Susie, would you by any chance have a family member that lives in Cleveland Ohio by the name of Harold Higgingbotham?

    • Not that I know of. I don’t recognize that name. Sorry I couldn’t help.

    • Conswella, there are Higginbothams in Ft Wayne, IN, if that helps…

  22. I found you site today while searching for one of my ancestors. It seems we have some family in common. My family tree is available on Ancestry – it’s “Carkin Genealogy” something-or-other. It should be easy to find if you want to try. Our common ancestors are Walter Gresham Cotner and his wife, Una Pearl Willingham. Walter’s sister, Leona Cotner, is my great-grandmother. I have more information on this family, and you are welcome to it. I have a website about my family history as well, http://www.thestoryofus.info. There are pictures there of Leona and some of her sisters. There is a picture on the main page at the bottom that I believe is of this branch of the family, but I don’t know who is in it. It might mean something to you. Warmly, Christine Giles

  23. Hi Susie, You posted an entry for Jacquelyn Jeanne Roleke in December of 2013. Are you related to her? My father, David Allard, was born 31 October 1947 in Denver. He was adopted when he was only a few days old. We have never known anything about his biological family. Just last night we received his previously-sealed birth certificate. Jacquelyn Jeanne Roleke gave birth to him at the Booth Memorial Hospital and named him Jeffrie. His father is listed as ‘not known.’ We are extremely keen to learn the name of his father as well, and make contact with any of his living biological relatives. A bit about us – my parents married in 1966 and my brother, Darren, was born in 1967. I was born in 1969. My mother, Pamela Putnam Allard, passed away in 1995. My brother lives in Switzerland, and I live in Brookline, MA. I have 3 children: 14 yr old identical boys, Alex and Ben, and my daughter, Madeleine, will turn 18 next month.

    I certainly do not wish to be invasive in any way, but would be grateful for ANY contact you are willing to have, and any information you are willing to share. My name is Jennifer. Email is allardjen1969@gmail.com

    My father turns 70 this October. It would be such a wonderful gift to make some contact. His only blood relatives he knows are my brother, me, and my children.

    Warmest regards,

  24. Hi Susie,
    I recently received my DNA results from Ancestry and noticed you are managing the test for a L.G. I believe the L.G. stands for either my nephew, Larry Golden or his daughter Leslie. I also searched thru your tags for Golden and saw a picture of you with Leslie in Washington, DC. Please confirm whether my assumption is correct.
    Gail Golden

  25. I am descended from issac ball. I live in columbus, ga.

  26. hello Susie,
    Some recent Ancestry DNA results links my husband (close relative) to this family. A total surprise and mystery to us!! How may i correspond with you directly?

  27. Susie I am William Lee Bullard born 5_19_1937 I have a ancestor Anti-Marie Davis she is the great grandmother of general Robert Lee Bullard she was from Braden county NC I have picture of her grave stone and descendants if you would like my ph 843-669-9804 or8432457215. Email llbullard@email.com.

  28. My name is James Reginald Bain {Reggie} I am the son of Rex Bain. My Dad is 97 years young and is still going strong. He is the only living child of John and Mamie Bain.We live in Shreveport,la
    Enjoyed this article so much
    Thank you

    • Thanks Reggie. Sally Bain Martin gave me the information on Rex and then I contacted him for the rest of the story. Glad you liked it. Kookie Stanley Hemperley

  29. I have enjoyed this writing with all the wonderful photos Thank you from Argie Hoskins

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