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Changes to the Website

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Good morning family and friends!

I just wanted to make you aware of a couple of changes to the website.  I have removed the “Genealogy” section, and if you had a link to a person in this section, I apologize.  This was giving me a headache, and it was causing behind the scenes problems with other areas of my website.  It was just too hard of a program to keep up with for me, and I had to keep contacting the guy that wrote the program to help me with it. 

Therefore, I went back to the original tree that I had on the website, and it’s a much, cleaner way for me to display my family tree.  Not to mention how much more simpler it is.

Now, you can search for your relative, or ancestor in the person index, or in the search bar on my home page.   This will also allow you to view anything posted in my website, related to that person when you search for his/her name, whether it is in the tree, or an article, picture or post I have made about them.

Thank you for  your patience with me, as I have tried to work around and find the easiest, most accurate way to showcase my information to you.

As always, if you find a person of interest to you, please contact me and I will share any information, photos, or documents that I might have.


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