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Blooming and Growing Around the Compound

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So, Dad did fast the next morning for the Dr.  he managed to NOT eat a sausage biscuit and drink a HUGE glass of milk this time, and this time the visit was uneventful.  Thank goodness!

Afterwards we drove up by the dam to see how the lake was looking. Beautiful as ever.

Greers Ferry Lake, Dam at Heber Springs

Dam at Heber Springs

Things are really in bloom around the compound, and growing fast.

Garlic in bloom

Won’t be long and my Iris’ will be opened up. I love the Color Purple, the color and the movie. I loves Harpo too, but I kill him dead…. oh, sorry.  I was getting carried away. Here’s my color purple Iris’.

The Color Purple Iris'

Here’s Uncle Frank, not really him, but his old headstone. Uncle Frank E. Parks died in 1897 and he was only 9 years old when he passed. He has a new headstone in the Cypress Cemetery in Willow, Arkansas with all his information on it, so we brought his old one home and it adorns my flower bed. I think he would like that.

Uncle Frank Elbert Parks' headstone

As usual, Michael was around to liven things up, never a dull moment when he is around.




We went up to check on our potato patch, and boy hidey!! I will have potatoes all winter this time it looks like. The grass is coming up too though so that fence row will have to be cleaned up. Pretty soon it will be time to plant some veggies.

Knucklehead in the potato patch

The Hubs and Knucklehead, before grass removal

Potato Patch after the grass removal

Well, now we are off to my brother’s to eat Pizza.  I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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