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Congratulations Liana! Junction City High School Graduate 2012

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Yesterday, my step daughter Liana Reynolds, graduated from high school.  My husband and I drove down to Junction City to celebrate this momentous occasion with her, and we had a great time.

We are so proud of her, and she looked so pretty last night.

My husband John, and his daughter Liana

My father-in-law Al, Liana, and my mother-in-law Glenn

Me and Liana

My stepdaughter Tori, my niece Hannah and her boyfriend Mark

Liana walking in, ready to receive her diploma!

Liana, Photo Op!

It's official, Liana has graduated! What an accomplishment!

Junction City High School 2012 Graduates, all 52 of them. Congratulations!!

Afterwards, we were able to catch up with some other members of the family, and I got some great photos.

Liana, with her mother Angela

Liana, Hannah and Mark

Liana and Maria

Tori and Nathan

JT and Liana

My step children Tori and Liana, and JT the photo bomber! lol

My step children, Cameron and Liana

I don’t know why or how I didn’t get a picture of Liana and her maternal grandparents, they were there and I guess I just missed them, and I’m sorry for that.

Again, we are so proud of you Liana!  You have a bright future ahead of you, and it can be anything you make of it!


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