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Life is what you make of it…

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This morning I drove my father to the Dr.

His regular Dr., you know the one who is supposed to keep up with his general well being.

His kidney Dr. had ordered up some lab work and told us to go to his regular Dr. to get the lab work done.

We do what we are told.

This made my Dad’s regular Dr. very upset.


So we spent the first ten minutes getting chewed out by him (the regular Dr.) who was telling us he isn’t a lab service and Medicare could be all over him for it. His staff now knows that this isn’t acceptable, blah blah blah….   I zoned…….

Now, if any of you know my Dad, and a few of you do and you probably know where I am going with this, my Dad doesn’t get chewed out by anybody.  Ever.

See this look on his face?  I was waiting for the Dr. to get annihilated but Dad just keeps sitting there with this look on his face.  Waiting, listening, plotting, and planning.

The Dr. continues on his rant, and finally says, “I’m going to do the lab work this one time, but in the future, you tell that kidney Dr. I’m not a lab and they can do their own lab work. Now, you’ve not had anything to eat this morning right?”

Dad calmly says, “Why, yes, as a matter of fact I had a sausage biscuit and a HUGE glass of milk.”

The Dr. slams the chart shut and says “You’ll have to come back tomorrow then after you have fasted, and by then I’m finding you another kidney Dr.”  He leaves and shuts the door.

Dad looks at me and grins like a cheshire cat and says “I have to have some fun in this somehow, that’s how I look at it.”

So we leave.

We may or may not go back tomorrow morning.  He may or may not fast.


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