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Mappy Monday – Plotting Homesteads on Google Earth

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I don’t know if you are aware of this, but you can plot out old homesteads on Google Earth with some really cool tools. Google Earth and Earth Point, are great tools for doing this, and they are both free!!!

Miller Couny, Arkansas; Township 016S, Range 028W, Section 22 and 35

Miller Couny, Arkansas; Township 016S, Range 028W, Section 22 and 35

Last week when I did the 52 Ancestor post for William Davis, I realized I had never really done anything with the homestead information that I had on him. Having Google Earth open on my desktop,  I plugged the State, Meridian, Township, Range and Section information that I got from the Bureau of Land Management Records on William Davis into this really cool website, Earth Point.  You must have Google Earth open on your desk top, then enter the information and click FLY TO ON GOOGLE EARTH.  

Earth Point

Earth Point

I work on Google Chrome, so after I hit the Fly to button, it downloads a file to my computer. I click on that file, and it will pop open Google Earth and then you will see that Township and Range on Google Earth, like in the photo above.

Google Earth Fly To from Earth Point

Google Earth Fly To from Earth Point

Once this information is in Google Earth, you can see other information about the section. For instance if you click on the button in the middle of the section, you can see more information about that section.

Section Information

Section Information

You can save this information in Google Earth and if you had a plat map for that section, you could integrate it into Google Earth and mark the specific location. I plan to do that next, as soon as I locate a plat map for Miller County. Looks like a road trip to Texarkana is in the making!

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Mappy Monday – Thomas Bullard’s tracks during the American Revolution

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Do you have an ancestor that served during the American Revolution?  Did you ever wonder where all he traveled during his service?  Well, I did!  So, I decided to trace the foot steps of my 5th great-grandfather, Pvt. Thomas Bullard based on his personal testimony from his pension record.

So, in his own words, this is where all he went.

Tracks of Thomas Bullard

  1. Thomas started at Duplin Co., North Carolina.
  2. Then he went to Elizabethtown.
  3. Then on to Purrysburg, So. Carolina.
  4. Then he went up the Savannah River to Black Swamp.
  5. Further up the Savannah River and he crossed at Augusta.
  6. Then down the Savannah River to White’s Ferry.
  7. Crossed White’s Ferry to Stono Ferry.
  8. Then to Beaufort.
  9. Then to Crosscreek which is now Fayetteville.
  10. Discharged over Big Peedee River opposite Long Bluff Ferry.
  11. Then he moved to Bladen Co., No. Carolina and re-enlisted voluntarily and went to Big Bridge in New Hanover Co. 10 miles above Wilmington until he was discharged again.


And I can’t even get Knucklehead to walk to the mailbox!

I mean seriously, that is a lot of walking, and he only served a total of 12 months and 12 days.

I’ve posted about Thomas Bullard before and you can see that post here: Thomas Bullard Private in the American Revolution.

If you would like a better view of the maps I used above, they are 1779 maps and are available at Wikimedia Commons:

If you’d like to check the transcripts of your revolutionary ancestors, you can find them here: and you can also check for the originals.

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