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Last year I hand wrote in a journal.  I didn’t write every day, but close enough that I knew that this year I didn’t want to do all that writing.  I have found I will write a lot more if I am typing it up.  I’m doing the “Project Life” scrapbook that Elise turned me on to, but I really don’t want to incorporate my private entries into a collection of photos that I will be sharing with family or friends.

I started out this year by typing my journal entries up in Evernote which was cool because I can do it no matter where I am, at home or out of town, because Evernote will sync with my computer.  However, that also means that anyone that uses my computer could have access to my journal.  It’s not that I mind really, I know someone will read it someday, and I hope they do.  It’s just I would like to have private thoughts for now, that are mine alone.  One downfall of typing them up is that since the journal isn’t beside my bed to remind me to write in it, I forget.  What can I say, I’m busy.  For me, out of sight means out of mind.

So I’ve been looking around for ideas and trying to think of the best way to do the journal, to make it easier for me.

I found that way today.  So simple I can’t believe I haven’t seen something like this before.  Here is the shot of the home screen:

Did I mention simple??  You can set up how often to receive an email, they send you an email and ask you “How was  your day?”  You reply to the email, and your email becomes an entry into your journal.  You can attach one picture if you like.   You can log on at any time and see your entries.  Oh, and it’s completely private.  No one will see your entries but you, and they won’t be published anywhere.

The only drawback I see is that to print out your entries, you export them to your computer as a text file.  All in one big whack.  Every entry and there is no way to specify what dates I’d like.  If I do this beyond this year, that could be a problem because I’d like to be able print out just this years entries in a somewhat formatted manner to put in a binder or something to keep.  But, maybe by then they will be partnered up with some printing company and that would be cool!  hint hint!

I spent about 20 minutes copying my Evernote entries in to so I would have this whole year in there.  I like the fact that they will email me random entries so I can get reminders of how the year has gone.

Anyone else up for trying  I would love to hear if anyone else is using it and if you like it.


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