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B N Bain

Benjamin Noel Bain, my maternal great grandfather, was born in 1856 in Alabama, the child of James Calvin Bain and Sarah Ann Tucker.  His parents moved the family from Georgia with an ox drawn wagon.   He is listed in the 1860 Census in Magnolia, Columbia County, Arkansas as four years of age.  On August 18, 1881 he married Margaret Price in Columbia County, although the license states he was a resident of Ida, Louisiana.   They lived in the southern part of the Arkansas near the Ida, Louisiana and Arkansas state line.  The community‘s mailing address was to Bain, Arkansas.


Benjamin Noel Bain and Margaret Price Marriage License

They moved about a half a mile south, into what is currently Ida. Benjamin Noel wanted to name the town for his daughter, my grandmother, Emma Pearl Bain Martin. However, Louisiana already had a post office named Bain as well as one named Pearl hence Ida was named for the daughter of J. R. Chandler, another Ida resident. At the time the town was wooded with wild animals all around.

Noel, as he was known, was a hard-working man, a bee keeper, a veterinarian (not degreed) land buyer and horse trader. According to Ludie Bain Stroud, a granddaughter, he once traded two mules and some syrup for a tract of land. Another time he traded a horse and saddle for several tracts that had been  homesteaded. The only documentation I have is a deed dated August 18, 1895 for one hundred seven four acres.

Benjamin Noel Bain

Noel served as a Caddo Parish Deputy from 1905 through 1923. His grandson, Roy was first a constable and then served as a Caddo Parish Deputy for thirty years. During that time Roy received many awards for his work including the most prestigious American Legion Award by then Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards.

Having being widowed twice, his mother, Sarah Ann Tucker Bain Gardner, helped Noel with burials in Ida. He would take his wagon to pick up bodies and build their coffins. Sarah, who was also a mid-wife, would lay out the bodies and line the caskets with silk.

Noel and his family, which consisted of daughters Ella Carl, Emma Pearl and son John Henry, were Baptist and attended Line Creek Baptist before joining Bethsaida Baptist in Ida. There were also two sons, George and David who did not live to adulthood. He was a charter member of the Ida Masonic Lodge #324 which was established in 1907. Both he and his wife, along with most of his children are buried at Bethsaida.

Benjamin Noel and Margaret Price Bain
Benjamin Noel Bain
October 28, 1856-April 6, 1941

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  1. Good story Kookie. I can’t imagine having to do the bodies the way they did back then. You come from good, strong, stock!

  2. I loved this story! Especially since I’m related to Benjamin Noel Bain through his sister Mozella Bain/Westbrook. She married James Firney Westbrook and had my great great grandmother Maude. Happy to know my ancestors were hard working folk. Though I’m sure at the time, many families had to work harder for what they had.

    • So glad you enjoyed it! My mother was his granddaughter and she, along with her brothers and sisters, spoke highly of “Grandpa” Bain. He was a highly respected gentleman in Ida as well as being a generous father/grandfather. In fact all of the next generations of Bains that lived in or around Ida were.
      Thanks for your comments and please continue to follow me. If you are interested I have a family tree on Ancestry that contains a lot of information on the family.

  3. I can remember Momma (Pauline Stewart Martin) talking about them, I think she was his Granddaughter, I was supposed to have been named “Emma” after her, but my cousin Jan named me instead! Funny though, my daughter Loves the name “Emma” maybe one day I’ll have a granddaughter named “Emma” who knows! Love the story too!

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