To Infinity and Beyond

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Don Hemperley 1987

Dear Don,

Yesterday was your 75th birthday and I can assure you I did not forget.  Rather, I took the time to privately reflect on all the wonderful days and years we shared. From meeting you first at about age 17, riding the school bus together, becoming best friends, to marriage and becoming soul mates for life!  Included in our wedding vows on August 6, 1960 was the phrase “till death do us part”.  Little did I know that in the words of Buzz Lightyear, it actually extends “to infinity and beyond”, or in other words, beyond death.  Our love is eternal. Looking back, I have no regrets other than I wish our journey could have lasted longer.


I wish your three granddaughters could have known you better. They would have loved your sense of humor, excitement over Christmas, generous heart and loving soul.

I wish your two grandsons were born prior to your death. You could have taught them to hunt, fly fish, ski, and become wonderful men.

I wish you could know your first great grandson, as he has your impish ways, your hearty laugh and loves to dance just like you. And by the way, he dances just about as good as you, however, even though he is only two, he might show you a few moves!

So, when I lie down tonight, I might take a phrase from “our song”, Dedicated to the One I Love (by the Shirelles ) which says, “Each night before you go to sleep at night my baby, whisper a little prayer for me my baby and tell all the stars above, This is dedicated to the one I love”.

Happy Birthday to the one I love and remember I love you to infinity and beyond!


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3 comments on “To Infinity and Beyond

  1. Wonderful, and very moving Kookie. I know he is with you in spirit. How lucky you and he both were to have each other! Thinking of you!!

  2. I love the little story you wrote I know you miss him very much you sure have some beautiful memories

  3. I love reading your stories. This is a great tribute and I’m sure he’s up there smiling down knowing how he’s loved and remembered.

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