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Had it not been for genealogy, I probably would never have met my friend, Cheri Payton Atkins and as it turns out, we shared more than interest in our long lost cousins. And I must say, it has been quite interesting!!!

Cheri has an outgoing personality and never meets a stranger; in fact, she will talk to anyone! She has an inquisitive mind and in the words of her family, loves to play “20 Questions.” However sometimes her mind doesn’t catch up with her mouth and it can be so so funny! She always knows what she’s talking about, but believe me, you may not!

Never ask her for directions! She was raised in Shreveport but cannot tell you the names of any streets other than North Market, Youree Drive or Airline Highway. But don’t ask her how to get there unless you have a full tank of gas and a gas card in your wallet! And then there’s times when you will be riding along and she will start talking about a place and there is absolutely no way, you will know what she’s talking about, when she was there or what city it is in. Then she will go on to say there’s a dirt road that has a leaning tree nearby that leads to some an old home place. You could be hundreds of miles from where her mind is!

She is accomplished in words that sound similar but mean totally different things. One day I wrote a blog about how many people were Virgos in my family and she calls and wants to know how many Vertigos I have.

Cheri and I share an interest in plants; she mostly in vegetables, as she plants a garden annually while mine is mainly in flowers. One day she was telling me about an Amorous Lily……. It took a while to translate that to Amaryllis! Then there was the time she was cooking Gestapo beans, which decoded is actually Garbanzo beans!

There is never a dull moment with Cheri!! Our friendship has grown to the point that it matters not what time you call, she will be there for you.  She has helped me with sick dogs, cried with me when I lost one, cooked for me when I was sick, loaned or given me things to use for some crazy Halloween prop, and tromped through cemeteries when looking for ancestors.  We’ve taken a few day trips, eaten out a lot, shopped even more, shared deepest secrets and learned that no matter what our hardships are, there is always a laugh in there somewhere!

She accepts me as I am as there is no pretense in our relationship. She is a true friend, a sensitive person, and will give you the shirt off her back! In fact, she gives when she should be receiving for all that she does for others.  All that and she has the biggest smile and warmest heart of anyone I know. And oh yes, it turns out that genealogy proves that Cheri is a half great grand niece of my great grand father, Thomas Champion Martin!

Happy Birthday girl! And many more because I know there are many more laughs and lots of fun ahead of us!!!

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