Books by Rev. John J. Triggs

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A Treatise on Christian Baptism by Rev John J TriggsA Treatise on Christian Baptism in which The Nature, Subject and Mode are set forth from the Holy Scriptures, and Objections to the Infant Baptism and Baptism by Affusion, answered:  Particularly Those Advanced in a Late Sermon, by the Rev. J.H. T. Kilpatrick.  By the John J. Triggs, Minister of the Gospel.  Augusta:  Printed by James McCafferty:  1842.   Held at the University of Georgia.

A Review of the Controversy on Baptism by Rev John J Triggs

A review of the Controversy on Baptism, between the Rev. J.H. Kilpatrick and John J. Triggs, and An Appeal to a Candid Public: By John J. Triggs, Minister of the Gospel.  Charleston, S.C. : Office of the Southern Christian Advocate, 100 Hayne Street.  B Jenkins, Printer.  1843.

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