Yellow Creek Baptist Church

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memories by Susie Dove Slaughter on 14 July 1981

Page One:

Yellow Creek Church

First Sunday in May – there would be preaching, singing and a big dinner in the yard – what a good time to be had by every one.

One May 1981 there was no “First Sunday Get Together” – Donations would be taken up to keep the Cemetery & Church grounds mowed.  The Church was lost – so there may be some names omitted (not on purpose)

On Saturday before the 1st Sunday there would be a grave yard cleaning and also church yard.  People would bring their lunch and stay until all work was done.

Donations are accepted for mowing and cleaning the grounds.

The church is gone now.  But a beautiful Marker was placed there March 3, 1981.   1891 – 1981

Page Two:

Memories of Susie Dove Slaughter 7-14-1981

Borned December 14, 1891 Columbus, Ark.  Now living in Salisaw, Okla.

The Yellow Creek Baptis Church of Yellow Creek was built by the Chamberlain brothers – Fate and Jake.  The land for the Church and Cemetery was donated by William Carson Reed born 1829 died 1873.  The church was built in 1897 after the 1st one was destroyed.  William Carson Reed was the first person buried in the cemetery – 1873 – He is the grandfather of Susie Dove Slaughter.

Rev. John Bandy was the 1st preacher.  He lived at Amity, Ark.  He drove a mule (ol’Kate) to a buggy.  He was pastor for six (6) years.

Mr. Daniel Nichlos Dove (Susie’s father) was superintendant and Sunday school teacher.  The church was full every Sunday.  A good time in the Lord was had by each and every one.  Two more preachers were Bro. Simmons and Bro. Ward.  There were others –

Page Three:

The Deacons were:

Mr. Pete Hester, Mr. Filo Clayton, Mr. Henry Freeman, Mr. Zannid Dove, Andrew (Andy) Reed, Alex or Alec Stanton, The Eldom Brothers, Jim Hester, Will Weaver, & Finis Reed.  Mr. Spencer Gathright, Brice Arnett, Mr. John Benningfield and wife Mattie worked as Secretary of the church.  Ike Perdue and Tom Dillard as J.P.  Daniel Dove superintendant and Sunday School teacher.

Johnnie Reed, R.D. (Dick) Reed and Brice Arnett as Sunday School Teachers.  Jim Benningfield, Lamb Clayton were teachers.  Jim Hester was the last superintendant of the church.  Frank O’Dell.  These were the first members of the church or Charter members.

Every church day Uncle Sip White a negro man sat in the back seat.  He was a regular.

The Chamberlain brothers Fate & Jake were the carpenters – with the help of all the citizens in the community.

Mr. Jim Hester taught the bible class, Mrs. Mattie Benningfield taught the card class.  Mrs. Willie Elizabeth Reed Dove taught primary

Page Four:

Susie does not remember the other teachers.  They always had a good Sunday School and Church attendents – Big singings – she remembers good times going to church – also going to Little River for Baptizings – sometimes they would go to  Raley’s pond.  At one time there were twenty-eight (28) baptized.  At this same time Susie’s sister Evie Dove born 1887 was baptized – she was 13 years old and Mrs. Fronie Adkinson Duncan was 18 and they could not think of any more names.

The Bro. Epton of Bengin, Ark. was pastorr.  There were preaching, singins and dinner on the ground the 1st Sunday in May every year.  Yellow Creek Church members as collected from the cemetery –

Myrtle Hunt, Thomas N. Farmer, Ida E. Raley, John J. Raley, Rhoda Hester, James Hester, Maggie Hester, Peter Hester, Glenn Hester, Lloyd Hester, Clayton, Effie Clayton, Rober L. Pardue, Lamber (Lamb) Clayton, Earl Clayton, Joseph mills, William Carson Reed, R.P. Reed, J.R. Smith, Sallie Benningfield, J. W. Benningfield, Eliza Clayton, P.G. Clayton, C.W. Clayton, Price Reed, Vola Reed, Josie Lena Reed,

Page Five:

Charlie Hester, Evelyn Hester, Floyd Raley, Andrew Reed, Laura Reed, Finis & Georgia Reed, Mattie Reed McArthur, George Bryant, Hester (B) Ethel Hester, Sid & Ollie Hester, Gerturde Morris Lane, Walter & Lena Gathright, Tom & Etha Gathright, Winnie Dove McJunkins.

Mr. Charlie Cannon taught the first singing in the church.  Mr. Jim Hester loaned Mr. Floyd Tollette the pews from Yellow Creek Church for the Community Baptist in 1948 so we could have church and sunday school until we could get enough money together to buy pews.

Some folks that went to Yellow Creek Church some were members and some were not.  Some farmers that stayed one maybe 2 years then move on.

Jim Pritchet & family Levi & Jose.

Mr. Berck, & Linda & M.A.O. (or Mayo)

Mr. Benningfield & family Sis & Polly

Hesters, Reeds, Dove & Claytons

Finis, Andy, Johnnie Ree – Pete, Jim, & Joe Hester.

Mr. Joe Mills, Mr. Freeman, & Mr. Whitiker

Priest & Sallie Smith

John & Willie Raley and families

Charlie McLarey & family

Page Six:

Jim Wilson and Jim Bannings rode in on mule & a horse after being discharged from Army – no money from Army – Banning settled in Yellow Creek and Jim Wilson in Columbus, Ark.

Families Mr. Dave Hall, Brice Arnett, Mr. & Mrs. SingletonMr. O’Dell, Ed Phillips, Bud Wiliams, Francis Keith 1815, and in 1845 W.M. Sheppard.  1841 Benningfield and Sis Polly.  In 1841 Polly Home stead some land – then 1843 sold to John Benningfield (her borther)

Mr. & Mrs. Bannings & family, Mr. & Mrs. Ed Phillips & family.

In 1845 Mr. & Mrs. W.M. Sheppard & family – He owned land in Yellow Creek.  His name is on some abstracts papers also some deeds.

Names:  Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Slaughter (Susie)

Evie, Winnie, Joe, Roy, & Dan Dove

Daniel & Elizabeth Dove

Herbert Slaughter was a school teacher in Yellow Creek also a  Sunday School Teacher –

Mr. & Mrs. Wiley (Bye and Ada Dillard

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Hester – Bryant, Grady, Charles

Norman Reed.

Manning W. Dillard – J.P.

Will & Lou Weaver, Alta, Jess, Aussie, G.W. Sam and Davis & 1/2 brother Jim & Ernest Moton

Page Seven:

Zachariah Mills, Fronie Duncan, Tom & Etha Gathright, Mr. & Mrs. Frank O’Dell – Addie Mae Hester, Aubrey Clayton, Alice Clayton and Zannie & Lonie Dove, Harriet & Lillie.  Harrison Williams, Florence Reed, Richard Reed and wife Patty, Vola Reed, Ola Bridgeman Barr, Josie Grady, Penn Blasinggame & family, Johnnie Reed and wife Dora Ellen, Clyde, Bones, Stanton, Elec & Mary Nash, Doc, Barney and George Stanton.

Jim Adkinson & family – Fronie, Lonie, Dovie Fay, and Ray & William.

Mr. & Mrs. Erwins –

Bryant Ree’s sister Grace married Elmo Smith.  Their children:

James Reed (Buddy) Smith died

Cecil Smith of Fulton, Ark.

Gladys Smith

Laura Lee Smith

Grace’s mother & Dad – Laura & Andrew Reed.

Page Eight:

Some Black Families –

Nick Beard & Family

Brown Wright & Family

Sip White & Family Cleone

Charlie Robertson & family

Mr. & Mrs. Greathouse – Tommy, Keel & Wash

Brown, Mun Moorehead, Brunsons, & Adaline Hopkins

Sam Hopkins, Ben Hill & Butlam

Green & Rose, Mento Weatherspoon & Sherman & their families


~Information submitted by Nedra Harris Turney, grandaughter of Winnie Epsey Dove McJunkins – sister to Susie Dove Salughter – transciption by Susie Reynolds, original documents can be viewed here:

Yellow Creek Baptist Church
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