Green Benjamin Ball Sr.

Green Benjamin Ball Sr.
b: 11 Jul 1802
  • 11 Jul 1802 - Birth -
  • 1840 - Residence - ; Stewart, Georgia, United States
  • 1840 - Residence - ; Stewart, Georgia, United States
Isaac Ball
1758 - bef 27 Oct 1819
Sarah Wheeler
1776 - 1860
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Isaac Ball
Birth1758Halifax Co., Va.
Deathbef 27 Oct 1819 Warren Co., Georgia
Marriageto Jane Hampton
Marriage17 Oct 1798to Sarah Wheeler at Warren, Georgia
FatherRichard Ball
PARENT (F) Sarah Wheeler
Death1860 Barbour Co., Alabama
Marriage17 Oct 1798to Isaac Ball at Warren, Georgia
FEliza Ball
Death1870Louisville, Barbour Co., Alabama
MarriageAbt. 1830to Caleb Cox
FMary Ann "Polly" Ball
Marriage27 May 1829to Samuel Thomas Feagin at Jones, Georgia
MGreen Benjamin Ball Sr.
Birth11 Jul 1802
Marriage14 Aug 1828to Sophronia Ann Coley at Pulaski Co., Georgia
FCinthia Ball
Marriageto Wiley Armstrong
FNarcissa Ball
Birthabt 1816Georgia
Marriageto Benjamin Hubbard Emerson
MJohn Floyd Ball
DeathJul 1860Ward 7, Morehouse, Louisiana
Marriage30 Dec 1852to Nancy Templeton at Stewart Co., Georgia
Marriage24 Jan 1837to Helen Mariah Dennard at Stewart Co., Georgia
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Green Benjamin Ball Sr.
Birth11 Jul 1802
Marriage14 Aug 1828to Sophronia Ann Coley at Pulaski Co., Georgia
FatherIsaac Ball
MotherSarah Wheeler
PARENT (F) Sophronia Ann Coley
Marriage14 Aug 1828to Green Benjamin Ball Sr. at Pulaski Co., Georgia
MGreen Andrew Ball
FSarah Jane Ball
FAnn Cherry Ball
Birth4 Apr 1833Georgia
Death14 Oct 1904
Marriage4 Sep 1849to Thomas William (Dr.) Battle Sr
FPermelia Antoinette Ball
MTurner Isaac Ball
Birth16 Apr 1841Georgia
Death11 Apr 1905
Marriage1867to Sarah Virginia Rice
MJared Irwin Ball
Marriage04 Jan 1857to Mary Levisa Thornton at Stewart, Georgia
MJohn Jackson Ball
MGreen Benjamin Ball Jr.
Marriageto Emma Ward
FElizabeth Ball
MFrederick C Ball
[S-2115087730] 1840 United States Federal Census
Descendancy Chart
Green Benjamin Ball Sr. b: 11 Jul 1802
Ann Cherry Ball b: 4 Apr 1833 d: 14 Oct 1904
Thomas William (Dr.) Battle Sr b: 7 Jul 1816 d: 16 Jun 1889
Alice Flora Battle b: 2 Feb 1861 d: 9 Nov 1916
Charlton Eugene Battle Sr. b: 31 Mar 1862 d: 16 Aug 1922
Mamie Willis b: 21 Mar 1865 d: 22 Jul 1947
Isabel Battle b: 20 Jan 1886 d: 24 Jul 1969
Ruth Battle b: 7 Oct 1893 d: Jan 1988
Albert Woolfork b: abt 1893
John Lawrence "Jack" Battle Sr. b: 16 Jan 1901 d: 7 Aug 1939
Grace B b: abt 1904
Willis W Battle b: 27 Dec 1897 d: 20 Jan 1967
Winifred b: abt 1898
Charlton Eugene Battle Jr. b: 15 Jun 1887 d: 22 Sep 1970
Minerva Caroline Woodbury b: 4 Dec 1885
Annie Lucille Battle b: abt 1869
Laura Battle b: 23 Dec 1853 d: 16 Jul 1945
James Horatio McLester b: 11 Dec 1845 d: 21 Sep 1878
Battle McLester b: 31 Jan 1878 d: Nov 1968
Anna Laurie McLester b: 18 Nov 1874 d: 15 Oct 1966
Maud Lucile McLester b: 30 Jul 1876 d: 6 Jan 1878
Thomas William Battle Jr. b: 8 Sep 1858 d: 2 Mar 1916
Green Ball (Dr.) Battle Sr. b: 28 May 1852 d: 22 May 1902
Thomas William Battle b: 23 Feb 1885 d: 5 Nov 1885
Green Ball Battle Jr. b: Aug 1889
Infant Battle b: 20 Sep 1879 d: 6 Oct 1879
Minnie O Battle b: abt 1887
Alice F Battle b: Sep 1880
Annie Maud Battle b: 7 Oct 1882 d: 15 Sep 1883
James Fitzgerald (Dr.) (Jerry) Battle b: 29 Sep 1892 d: 26 Jul 1951
Evelyn N b: 2 Mar 1904 d: 16 Dec 1971
Leora G b: abt 1909
Infant Battle b: 20 Dec 1883 d: 21 Dec 1883
Mary L Battle b: May 1896
Beulah B Battle b: abt 1867
Mary Sophia Battle b: 6 Aug 1850 d: 05 Dec 1910
James Efford Cargill Sr. b: 11 Sep 1839 d: 2 Feb 1925
Thomas B Cargill b: Apr 1876 d: 1947
James Efford Cargill Jr. b: 4 Sep 1879 d: 8 Nov 1932
Alice K b: abt 1880
Alice Garnett Cargill b: Sep 1884
Turner Isaac Ball b: 16 Apr 1841 d: 11 Apr 1905
Sarah Virginia Rice b: 6 Jan 1847 d: 10 Mar 1926
Frederick B Ball b: Jan 1870
Clara T Ball b: Abt. 1869
Robert Benjamin Ball b: Oct 1872
Adella E. Ball b: Oct 1867 d: 1952
John Henry Buchanan Sr. b: 3 Jun 1859 d: 26 Feb 1926
Turner Robert Buchanan b: 15 Dec 1890 d: 20 Apr 1977
India Griffin b: 15 Aug 1890 d: 28 Mar 1987
Marcia Buchanan b: 19 Sep 1913 d: 10 Jan 2000
John Henry Buchanan Jr b: 9 May 1892 d: Nov 1961
Mary Lee b: abt 1899 d: 1981
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5 comments on “Green Benjamin Ball Sr.

  1. I have Sarah Clayton Ball’s husband as Robert Collier Hartsfield. Sarah…dau of Jared I and Mary (Thornton) Ball. 🙂 Pat

    • Thank you, Pat. I will look into that and update my tree.

  2. Jared Irwin Ball was murdered at Ball’s Mill in Stewart County in 1864 by the miller named Grimes. Later Jared’s brother Green Andrew Ball shot and killed Grimes (related to my father by an old black man named Iverson White. Iverson said he was driving the getaway buggy for Green) Green fled to Texas.. My G-grandfather Turner Isaac came to Randolph Co Ga. Green Benjamin Ball and Jared irwin Ball are buried at the Ball Cemetery in Stewart County. I have been told Sophronia Coley Ball is buried in Mendacino Co. California but can’t prove it
    Bob Ball
    Cuthbert Ga

    • Hi Bob, I saw this story on and actually added it to my tree back in 2013. Is that your tree that posted the original story? The Ball Family, by Wherdego1??

  3. Yes that is my tree
    Why is Green Benjamin Ball listed as SR.. His son Green was Green Andrew Ball

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