Mary Lucinda Henri

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Mary Lucinda Henri
b: 25 Feb 1817
d: 24 Jul 1872
Mary Lucinda Hoskins was born in Meclenburg county, North Carolina, February 25, 1817. She was the daughter of George B. and Martha Henry, and when a child her parents moved to Giles county, Tennessee, thence to Fayette county Tennessee. She professed religion, when but sixteen years old, at Wesley Camp-ground, Haywood county, Tenn., and attached herself to the M.E. Church. From that time till death, she was a consistent member of the Church. (But she has no gone to the triumphant state of the Church.) On the 5th of May, 1836, she was married to A.G. Hoskins, with whom she lived happily for thirty-six years. In 1842 or 1843 they moved to Louisiana, and remained there three years, thence to Bowie county, Texas in 1846, where she died in her quiet home in Boston, July 24th, 1872. She passed away in the Christian's faith - our loss, but her gain. "We sorrow not as those who have no hope." Her last words were, "All is well, nothing to disturb my peace, not a single doubt." she died as she lived, in the faith of the gospel. Her house was ever the quiet retreat for the preacher. She was ever ready to administer to the wants of suffering humanity. Greatly beloved by all who know her; and well might we say when we look upon her life, "Behold an Israelite indeed in whom there is no guile." - She left a devoted husband to mourn her loss. Also three affectionate daughters to deplore and weep over the grave of a dear mother. Many friends do mourn and sympathize with the bereaved family. "But we will not deplore thee, we'll cover they grave With the tokens of love, and flowers shall wave; Redeemed with the tears of affectionate grief, 'Till the Master shall come, and give us relief." L.F. Palmer. Note - we re-publish the above obituary by special request. - Ed.
  • 25 Feb 1817 - Birth - ; Mecklenburg, North Carolina
  • 25 Jul 1872 - Burial - Hughes-Knight Cemetery ; New Boston, Bowie Co., Texas
  • 24 Jul 1872 - Death - ; Bowie Co., Texas
Mary Lucinda Henri
25 Feb 1817 - 24 Jul 1872
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) George B Henri
Marriageto Martha LNU
Marriageto George B Henri
FMary Lucinda Henri
Birth25 Feb 1817Mecklenburg, North Carolina
Death24 Jul 1872Bowie Co., Texas
Marriage5 May 1836to Judge Alfred Gatewood Hoskins
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Judge Alfred Gatewood Hoskins
Birth14 Feb 1810Richmond, VA
Death21 May 1897 Bowie Co., Texas
Marriage5 May 1836to Mary Lucinda Henri
PARENT (F) Mary Lucinda Henri
Birth25 Feb 1817Mecklenburg, North Carolina
Death24 Jul 1872 Bowie Co., Texas
Marriage5 May 1836to Judge Alfred Gatewood Hoskins
FatherGeorge B Henri
MotherMartha LNU
FMartha Catherine Hoskins
Birth16 Feb 1837Tennessee, United States
Death25 Dec 1881
Marriageto Henry Benton Eubank Sr.
FHenri Anna Hoskins
Birth15 Feb 1848Texas
Death5 Oct 1893New Boston, Bowie, Texas
Marriageto John Wever
FIsabella Jane Hoskins
Birth2 Jun 1841Tennessee, United States
Death3 Sep 1857
MGeorge Benjamin Hoskins
Birth15 Nov 1838
Death6 Sep 1846
FMary Elizabeth Hoskins
Birth4 Oct 1844Louisiana, United States
Death26 Jun 1891
Marriage07 Dec 1880to John Edward Anderson
Descendancy Chart
Mary Lucinda Henri b: 25 Feb 1817 d: 24 Jul 1872
Judge Alfred Gatewood Hoskins b: 14 Feb 1810 d: 21 May 1897
Martha Catherine Hoskins b: 16 Feb 1837 d: 25 Dec 1881
Henry Benton Eubank Sr. b: 4 Feb 1848 d: 30 Nov 1924
George Milam Eubank b: 21 May 1876 d: 22 Apr 1927
Henri Anna Hoskins b: 15 Feb 1848 d: 5 Oct 1893
John Wever b: abt 1838
John P Wever b: abt 1871
Will A Wever b: abt 1870
Charles Arthur Wever b: abt 1880
Sallie Lee Wever b: abt 1874
Mary Hoskins Wever b: 14 Aug 1877 d: 01 Oct 1900
John Franklin Ball Sr. b: 3 Feb 1870 d: 27 Jul 1919
Henri Venetia Ball b: Aug 1895
Mamie Hoskins Ball b: 23 Nov 1899 d: 16 Oct 1957
Wilfred Ernest Destree b: 8 Jan 1898 d: 5 Oct 1948
Isabella Jane Hoskins b: 2 Jun 1841 d: 3 Sep 1857
George Benjamin Hoskins b: 15 Nov 1838 d: 6 Sep 1846
Mary Elizabeth Hoskins b: 4 Oct 1844 d: 26 Jun 1891
John Edward Anderson b: 09 Sep 1857 d: 11 Oct 1928
Wevie Henri Anderson b: 19 Dec 1884 d: 3 Dec 1975
Sam Hartwell Ball Sr. b: 20 May 1886 d: 23 Sep 1973
Mary Virginia Ball b: 24 May 1913 d: 29 Nov 2007
William John Parks b: 5 Sep 1915 d: 23 Sep 1978
Dorothy Luzelle Ball b: 28 Jul 1911 d: 17 Mar 2006
James Waggoner b: 3 Dec 1907 d: 13 Apr 1953
Ann Waggoner b: 11 Sep 1934 d: 03 Feb 1972
James Waggoner Burch b: 31 Dec 1959 d: 10 Apr 1994
Sam Hartwell Ball Jr. b: 5 Feb 1916 d: 23 Jan 1989
Melba Maurice Reynolds b: 30 Dec 1925 d: 23 Feb 1999
Infant Ball b: 5 Oct 1924 d: 5 Oct 1924
Smithia Smelser Anderson b: 05 Nov 1881 d: 05 Jan 1973
Arthur Caldwell Norman Sr. b: 22 Sep 1881 d: 14 Jan 1926
William Arthur "Bill" Norman Sr. b: 24 Nov 1905 d: 28 Jul 1998
Sally M Grant b: 18 Jul 1917 d: 30 May 2006
William Arthur Norman Jr. b: 2 Sep 1937 d: 1 Jun 2006
Alfred Gatewood Norman b: 1 Jul 1921 d: 25 Aug 2001
Arthur Caldwell Norman Jr b: 24 Aug 1913 d: 8 Nov 1979
Mildred Orr b: 9 Sep 1913 d: 24 Nov 1996
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