Nancy Edith Higginbotham

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Nancy Edith Higginbotham
b: 18 JAN 1861
d: 05 JUL 1940
  • 18 JAN 1861 - Birth - ; Dallas Co, Arkansas, USA
  • 05 JUL 1940 - Death - ; Dallas Co, Arkansas, USA
Sanford Higginbotham
6 Dec 1797 - 9 Sep 1851
James Oliver Higginbotham
18 Jan 1830 - 21 Jun 1911
Jane Harriette Holley
30 Aug 1806 - 14 Jul 1866
Nancy Edith Higginbotham
18 JAN 1861 - 05 JUL 1940
Edith Burnham
7 Apr 1833 - 13 Mar 1879
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) James Oliver Higginbotham
Birth18 Jan 1830Walton Co, Georgia
Death21 Jun 1911 Fordyce, Dallas Co, Arkansas
Marriage16 OCT 1851to Edith Burnham at Dallas Co, AR
Marriage16 April 1879to Amanda Elizabeth Zinn at Dallas Co, Arkansas
FatherSanford Higginbotham
MotherJane Harriette Holley
PARENT (F) Edith Burnham
Birth7 Apr 1833Georgia, USA
Death13 Mar 1879 Fordyce, Dallas, Arkansas, USA
Marriage16 OCT 1851to James Oliver Higginbotham at Dallas Co, AR
FMartha Ann Higginbotham
Birth05 May 1854Arkansas
Death09 APR 1860Dallas County, Arkansas
MJames Lewis Higginbotham
Birth29 Sep 1858Arkansas
Death3 June 1915Corgil, Arkansas
Marriage18 DEC 1879to Sarah A. Graham at Dallas Co, AR
FFrances Serena Higginbotham
Birth30 APR 1856
Death07 APR 1860Dallas County, Arkansas
FNancy Edith Higginbotham
Birth18 JAN 1861Dallas Co, Arkansas, USA
Death05 JUL 1940Dallas Co, Arkansas, USA
Marriage21 Dec 1876to Robert Harrison Barner at Dallas, AR
FSusan Emily Higginbotham
Birth28 JAN 1863
Death09 AUG 1865Dallas County, Arkansas
MEdward Parham Higginbotham
Birth5 Dec 1874Dallas County, Arkansas
Death6 Jan 1943Fordyce, Dallas, Arkansas, United States
Marriage9 May 1899to Rebecca Walker Bryant
MSanford Wilson Higginbotham
Birth28 MAR 1870Dallas County, Arkansas
Death14 FEB 1928Dallas, Arkansas
Marriage09 Nov 1892to Amanda A March
FMary Jane Higginbotham
Birth05 JUL 1852Georgia
Death21 APR 1860Dallas County, Arkansas
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Robert Harrison Barner
BirthApr 1854Mississippi
Death2 Jan 1906 Dallas Co, AR
Marriage21 Dec 1876to Nancy Edith Higginbotham at Dallas, AR
PARENT (F) Nancy Edith Higginbotham
Birth18 JAN 1861Dallas Co, Arkansas, USA
Death05 JUL 1940 Dallas Co, Arkansas, USA
Marriage21 Dec 1876to Robert Harrison Barner at Dallas, AR
FatherJames Oliver Higginbotham
MotherEdith Burnham
FEdith M. Barner
Birth03 Apr 1879Arkansas
Death01 AUG 1943Dallas Co, Arkansas, USA
FMary Leilia Barner
Birth09 FEB 1884
Death16 OCT 1891
MRobert Parham Barner
Birth13 OCT 1881Arkansas
Death05 AUG 1968Dallas, Dallas, Texas, United States of America
FNellie Tabitha Barner
Birth02 OCT 1888Ramsey, AR
Death05 MAY 1984Fordyce, AR
MWarren Barner
Birth08 DEC 1890
Death08 AUG 1891
FLalla Dewdrop Barner
Birth30 AUG 1892Ramsey, Dallas Co., AR
Death05 JUL 1961Fordyce, Dallas Co., AR
Marriage01 OCT 1916to Robert Alexander Bryant at Dallas, Arkansas, USA
MWilliam Maurice Barner
Birth20 APR 1886Arkansas
Death12 DEC 1970
MRoland Forrest Barner
Birth31 JUL 1897Ramsey, AR
Death18 FEB 1985
FLaura Etta Barner
Birth11 MAR 1895Arkansas
Death17 MAR 1952
MUlysses Barner
Birth05 NOV 1877
Death05 NOV 1877
[S-2114262683] Arkansas Death Index, 1914-1950
Descendancy Chart
Nancy Edith Higginbotham b: 18 JAN 1861 d: 05 JUL 1940
Robert Harrison Barner b: Apr 1854 d: 2 Jan 1906
Edith M. Barner b: 03 Apr 1879 d: 01 AUG 1943
Mary Leilia Barner b: 09 FEB 1884 d: 16 OCT 1891
Robert Parham Barner b: 13 OCT 1881 d: 05 AUG 1968
Nellie Tabitha Barner b: 02 OCT 1888 d: 05 MAY 1984
Warren Barner b: 08 DEC 1890 d: 08 AUG 1891
Lalla Dewdrop Barner b: 30 AUG 1892 d: 05 JUL 1961
Robert Alexander Bryant b: 30 JUL 1890 d: 28 APR 1960
Betty Jane Bryant b: 25 NOV 1931 d: 15 MAR 1970
Nannie Sue Bryant b: 10 DEC 1922 d: 3 Jan 1928
William Blount Bryant b: 09 SEP 1929 d: 07 DEC 1930
Mary Ann Bryant b: 09 JUL 1926 d: 04 APR 1979
Jesse Lee Short b: 16 Jul 1919 d: Dec 1971
Bobbie Nell Bryant b: 20 Oct 1919 d: 12 Nov 1993
Harry A. Bryant b: 24 JUN 1924 d: 17 Feb 1945
Doris Bryant b: 29 JAN 1918 d: 12 SEP 2001
William Maurice Barner b: 20 APR 1886 d: 12 DEC 1970
Roland Forrest Barner b: 31 JUL 1897 d: 18 FEB 1985
Laura Etta Barner b: 11 MAR 1895 d: 17 MAR 1952
Ulysses Barner b: 05 NOV 1877 d: 05 NOV 1877
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