Wayne McJunkins

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Wayne McJunkins
b: 22 Oct 1897
d: 28 Jan 1960
  • 22 Oct 1897 - Birth - ; Saratoga, Howard, Arkansas
  • 29 Jan 1960 - Burial - Saratoga Cemetery ; Saratoga, Hempstead Co., Arkansas
  • 28 Jan 1960 - Death - ; Saratoga, Howard, Arkansas
William Edward McJunkins
7 Dec 1864 - 1 May 1943
Martha A Erwin
1832 - 1881
Wayne McJunkins
22 Oct 1897 - 28 Jan 1960
Dr. Josiah McGee Bland
19 Jan 1842 - 14 Feb 1891
Eliza "Lyde" Jane Bland
12 Aug 1871 - 22 Dec 1963
Nancy Ann "Nannie" Glover
17 Apr 1847 - 3 Apr 1903
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) William Edward McJunkins
Birth7 Dec 1864Arkansas
Death1 May 1943 Saratoga, Hempstead, Arkansas
Marriage08 Aug 1886to Eliza "Lyde" Jane Bland at Hempstead County, Arkansas
FatherRichard S McJunkins
MotherMartha A Erwin
PARENT (F) Eliza "Lyde" Jane Bland
Birth12 Aug 1871Arkansas
Death22 Dec 1963 Saratoga, Howard, Arkansas
Marriage08 Aug 1886to William Edward McJunkins at Hempstead County, Arkansas
FatherDr. Josiah McGee Bland
MotherNancy Ann "Nannie" Glover
MJosiah Richard McJunkins
Birth24 July 1887Saratoga, Hempstead, Arkansas
Death21 Aug 1966Saratoga, Hempstead, Arkansas
Marriage9 Jan 1910to Winnie Epsey Dove at Howard Co., Arkansas
MIra McJunkins
Birth3 Apr 1903Arkansas
DeathAug 1970Saratoga, Howard, Arkansas
Marriage30 Oct 1925to Jessie Bridgeinon at Hempstead, Arkansas
FIda Dell McJunkins
Birth10 Apr 1906Saratoga, Hempstead, Arkansas
Death24 Aug 1980Saratoga, Howard, Arkansas, United States of America
Marriage15 Sep 1921to James Ocie Fincher at Arkansas
MWayne McJunkins
Birth22 Oct 1897Saratoga, Howard, Arkansas
Death28 Jan 1960Saratoga, Howard, Arkansas
Marriage20 Nov 1916to Maggie Mae O'Dell at Ashdown, Little River, Arkansas
FBeulah McJunkins
Birth9 Oct 1891Saratoga, Howard, Arkansas
Death11 Feb 1958Dallas, Texas, USA
Marriage30 Jul 1910to B Bridgeman at Hempstead, Arkansas
MLahroy McJunkins
FNannie Mae McJunkins
Birth7 May 1909Arkansas
Death13 Jan 2005Saratoga, Howard, Arkansas, USA
Marriageto Arvin Marshall Sanders
MBland McJunkins
Birth8 Aug 1900Arkansas
Death6 Mar 1958Saratoga, Howard, Arkansas
Marriage8 Dec 1922to Mabel Cora Rice at Howard, Arkansas
FGertrude McJunkins
Birth2 Apr 1894Saratoga, Hempstead, Arkansas
Death23 Jul 1967Saratoga, Hempstead, Arkansas
Marriageto Sam Edward Williams
Marriageto Tolleson
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Wayne McJunkins
Birth22 Oct 1897Saratoga, Howard, Arkansas
Death28 Jan 1960 Saratoga, Howard, Arkansas
Marriage20 Nov 1916to Maggie Mae O'Dell at Ashdown, Little River, Arkansas
FatherWilliam Edward McJunkins
MotherEliza "Lyde" Jane Bland
PARENT (F) Maggie Mae O'Dell
Birth26 Jan 1900Yellow Creek, Hempstead, Arkansas
Death4 Dec 1978 Nashville, Howard, Arkansas
Marriage20 Nov 1916to Wayne McJunkins at Ashdown, Little River, Arkansas
MRichard McJunkins
MGordon McJunkins
Birth8 May 1921Saratoga, Howard, Arkansas
Death28 Jun 1983Dallas, Texas
FJane McJunkins
FCora Mae McJunkins
Birth25 Jun 1923Saratoga, Howard, Arkansas
Death7 Apr 2004Mineral Springs, Howard, Arkansas
MThomas McJunkins
FLydia McJunkins
MFrank McJunkins
MLeland McJunkins
Descendancy Chart
Wayne McJunkins b: 22 Oct 1897 d: 28 Jan 1960
Maggie Mae O'Dell b: 26 Jan 1900 d: 4 Dec 1978
Gordon McJunkins b: 8 May 1921 d: 28 Jun 1983
Cora Mae McJunkins b: 25 Jun 1923 d: 7 Apr 2004
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