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Sunday’s Obituary – John Carpenter Triggs and James Alfred Triggs

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John Carpenter and James Alfred Triggs Obit

O B I T U A R Y .

Died, in Burke county, on the 15th ult., of congestive fever, John Carpenter, second son of the Rev. J. J. Triggs, aged 5 years, 5 months, and 15 days.

Also, on October 2d. James Alfred, the only remaining son of Rev. J.J. Triggs, of gangrene of the face, aged 7 years and 1 month. James A. was at the burying of his brother, wept as he left the grave, and said he was sorry he had to leave his brother in the grave, took his bed on his return, sick with the fever, which he left not until he died. Two days before his death, his physician pronounced him cured, and dismissed him from his care, but that afternoon the horrible disease which terminated his life, was discovered, and after making a most fearful disfiguring of the face, dismissed his spirit to Him, who said, “Suffer little children to come unto me.”

“Death ! great proprietor of all! ’tis thine
To head out empire, and to quench the stars.
The sun himself by thy permission shines,
And, one day, thou shalt pluck him from his sphere:
Amid such mightily plunder, why exhaust
Thy partial quiver on a mark so mean?
Why thy peculiar rancour wreak’d on me?
Insatiate archer ! could not one suffice?
They shaft flew thrice, and thrice * my peace was
slain !”
* Mr. T. lost a son last year.

The Rev. J.J. Triggs, is my 3rd great grandfather, and the two children mentioned in the obituary above, are my 2nd great grand uncles.

There has not been a single time since I found this obituary, that I could read it, and not cry. I can’t imagine the sadness of the family, losing John Carpenter Triggs and how about poor James Alfred Triggs? Have you ever heard of gangrene of the face?  How terribly awful.

Also the obituary mentioned that this is the third son Rev. Triggs lost.  The other son mentioned was William Garvin Triggs who died in 1841.

This is a snapshot out of the family bible that I am lucky enough to have a copy of.

William Garvin, John Carpenter and James Alfred Triggs bible entry


It’s extremely hard to read so here is the translation:

William Garvin Triggs died of convulsions Oct. 28th 1841.

John Carpenter Triggs died of billeous fever Sept. 15th 1842 after an illness of about 42 hours. This was the most promising of all my children; but God has taken him. Lord prepare me to follow.

James Alfred Triggs died of gangrene Oct 2nd just after sun set 1842. Oh my bleeding heart.

Rev. J. J. Triggs had fifteen children by four different women.  I know two of his wives died before he did, and one out lived him.  One I don’t know anything about at all.  He had seven boys and seven girls, and one listed as an infant that died within days of one his wives dying.

Of the boys, only one, Francis Allen Triggs would live to adulthood and he was 26 years old at the time of his death.

Of the girls, four of them would all die before they reached the age of four years old.  My 2nd great-grandmother, Jane Matilda Triggs Parks lived to be 68 years old, and one of her sisters, Sarah Ann Triggs Allday lived to be 52, and the other sister, Maria Triggs Golding I can track until the age of 55.

All of this sorrow that the Rev. Triggs endured, yet in everything I find and read about him, he never lost his faith in God.  He was a Methodist Minister for 31 years.

Last Will and Testament of Rev. John J. Triggs

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Finally!  Familysearch.org has added probate records!

Do you hear the angels singing?

Just kidding, but really I was SO excited when I found out a couple of days ago.  How did I not know this when they have been added since September?  Oh well, all that matters is they are there, I have found them and now for the next couple of weeks I guess nothing else will matter.  Forget the christmas season, all the parties and the shopping.  I’ll be here at the computer all bugged eyed!

First up, the last will and testament of Rev. John J. Triggs.  There was nothing new or surprising in this will.  Ok, scratch that.  I was a little surprised to see that he made no bones about his daughter Maria having complete control over her inheritance and her husband Thomas A. Golding having none whatsoever.  Period.  End of story.

I knew that he owned a plantation and that he had slaves because of the 1850 Slave Schedules, but the names of the slaves were listed in his will, so maybe that can help someone looking for slave ancestors in that area.  You never know.

So here goes, I will post the picture and then my transcription underneath.

From Familysearch.org:
Georgia Probate Records 1742-1975
Stewart County Wills 1837-1944 Vol A-C
 Volume B page 75 and 76 located on page 181 of 532 pages

Georgia Probate Wills Book B page 75 Stewart Co. John J Triggs

Georgia Stewart County: In the name of God! I John J. Triggs being weak in body but of a sound mind knowing that I must die sooner or later desire it right and proper to dispose of property with which a kind providence has blessed me. Therefore I make and ordain this my last will and testament revoking all others by me heretofore made.

Item first – I desire all my just debts to be paid soon as possible after my decease.

Item second – I give and bequeath unto my daughter Sarah Ann Allday my negro man Seaborn about thirty six years of age – also my negro boy Arch, in his sixth year to her and her children forever.

Item third – I give and bequeath unto my daughter Maria Golding and to her children free from the debts liabilities or control of her present husband or any other husband she may have, all that plantation or parcel of land situated lying and being in the twenty first district of originally Lee now Stewart County where she now resides, consisting of the Northern half of lot number five (5) and a part of lot number four (4) which parcel of land is further described by a deed made by Green B. Allday to myself bearing date August eighteen hundred and forty nine (1849) – I also give and bequeath to my daughter Maria and her children aforesaid my negro woman Penny about twenty five years of age also Peggy’s three younger children, ___ Moses – Rachel and Henry – also all children borne hereafter by Peggy – also my mare crickete – cattle and hogs – steers and calf which my daughter Maria has now in her possession – and I appoint my worthy friend James L. Wimberly trustee for the property devised and bequeathed unto my daughter Maria and her children providing also that the property above devised and bequeathed in this third item to my daughter Maria and her children shall not be divided among Maria’s children, until after the decease of both my daughter Maria and her present husband Thomas A. Golding.

Item fourth – The rest of my property consisting of lots of land in the twenty third district of originally Lee now Stewart County ___ number one hundred and eighteen (118) and one hundred and thirty nine (139) also two acres from one hundred (107) adjoining the aforesaid lot one hundred eighteen also my negro man Tom my negro man Toney, my negro boy Ned – my negro woman Hagas, Lucy, Leah and her child Cranford and Frances, together with any children that may hereafter be born of any of the aforesaid negro women – also my horses, mules, cattle and hogs: – Also the household and kitchen furniture and plantation tools: – and everything that is mine not previously disposed of whatever or whereas it is shall belong to my dear wife Nancy and her two children, ___ Jane Matilda and Francis Allen and any other child or children that may hereafter be born to me – the above property to be kept together for the maintenance of my wife and children and for the education of the children, until my wife or one of the children marry or one of the children arrives at the age of twenty one years – then if required a division shall be made as nearly equal as possible, between my wife and the children – the party requiring the division shall receive his or her part – the rest of the property shall be kept together for the maintenance and education of the next until another division is required or contemplated above – provided always that the division mentioned above shall not be so continued or to divide the land so long as my wife lives and remains a widow.

Item fifth – It is my will and desire that should either my wife or one or both of

Georgia Probate Wills Book B page 76 Stewart Co. John J Triggs

her children die before the property expressed in item fourth is divided among them that the survivor or survivors shall inherit the property.

Item sixth – It is my will and desire that if my executors hereafter to be named should judge it to the interest of the estate to see or otherwise dispose of my property they shall have power to do so with the consent of the court of ordinary.

Item seventh – I appoint my wife Nancy Triggs executrix and my worthy friend Loverd Bryan executor of this my last will and testament this fourth day of October one thousand eight hundred and fifty six.

John J. Triggs

Signed sealed declared and published by John J. Triggs as his last will and testament in the presence of us the subscribing witnesses who subscribed our names in the presence of the testator and in the presence of each other at the expected instance and request of said testator.

Willard Boyseton
J.E. Carter
C. M. Lowe

I John J. Triggs make ordain declare & publish the following as a codicil to this my last will & testament to wit,

I will & desire that my esteemed friend Loverd Bryan act as the guardian of the persons & property of my minor children at the death of my wife (their mother) should said children or either of them be minors or a minor at the time of the death of my said wife.

John J. Triggs

Signed sealed declared and published as a codicil to the last will & testament of John J. Triggs by the said John J. Triggs in presence of us the subscribers who subscribed the same as witnesses in the presence of each other & of the said John J. Triggs & at his special instance & request November 29th 1856.

J.L. Wimberly
C.M. Lowe
E.P. Chamberlin

Admitted to probate & record in common form at the January Term 1857 of Stewart Court of Ordinary.
Recorded 20 January 1857

J.L. Wimberly Ordinary

And there you have it folks, the last will and testament of Rev. John J. Triggs.

A big THANK YOU to Kookie for helping me figure out some words that I could not read!

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