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Around the Compound

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I’m pretty sure I live on a farm now.

If I leave for any length of time, by the time I come home, I have new animals.

When I was gone on my research trip, I game home to these little piggies.

This is Ham, Petunia, and Bacon.  Petunia is here to stay, she is the cutie in the middle.  Ham, and Bacon, I don’t even want to think about it.  I just know I can’t get attached to them.


Yes, they are piggin’ out…  HA!  Sorry I couldn’t help it.

They are actually standing in their food bowl.

I told them, “You sound like pigs when you eat.”

Wait, What?

Oh, yeah, they are pigs!!

Our little chicks we got a couple of weeks ago are actually starting to look like chickens.

Do you think these two are plotting their escape??

Shortly after my husband came home with the chickens, my mother said, “I sure wish you had gotten guineas instead, I’ve always wanted guineas.”

So, guess what?

The Hubs then comes home with these. The suck up!

Thanks Mom!

Who is going to feed all these animals if The Hubs has to go out-of-town on another contract???

Ok, I’ll feed them, but I refuse to clean up any bombs left any where.



The Hubs has also been busy with my birdhouses.

I’ve had this bird house for about eight years.  It occupied a corner of my garage and housed spiders.  The spiders are no longer happy.  I imagine they were in shock when the first birds moved in and had them for a snack.

I’ve been asking for a long time for him to help me get it put up and so I’m sure he got tired of me whining about how my bird house was being ill-used and he decided to go ahead and put it up for me.

Plus he got brownie points and I quite whining.

Double victory.

But doesn’t it look pretty on the top of that cedar tree?

Then, The Hubs and Cameron made me this bird house for Mother’s Day.

I love my birdhouses, so thank you family.

Michael got me a really pretty hanging basket of flowers for the porch for Mother’s Day. So thank you Michael! (I’m a bad mother, picture coming soon!)

Our garden is growing too, here are a few pictures of it.

And, last but not least, the kiddo report.

Tori had a whole day in the pool by herself before the boys got here.

And it was a good thing, because Tori and Michael left all the toys in the pool on Saturday and when I went outside all the toys were jammed into the return basket and the pump was sucking air.

So they lost pool privileges for a day.

Sadly, I don’t think they cared, but I’ll let you know if I made any kind of impression on them whatsoever about pool rules.  I’ll know by whether they leave toys in the pool or not the next time they go swimming.

So, since they couldn’t get in the pool, they had to be inventive.

The boys rode their skateboards, and Cameron was showing off tricks.  Michael rode his trickless, and Tori stood over by Cameron’s truck and sang to them the whole time! Watch out American Idol!!

Please take a moment to notice that even though I didn’t catch it in the photo, all that dust behind Cameron is from a car that went down the road.  It’s important to remember that before you scroll down, because I swear that it’s dust from the road, and not dirty WIND coming out of Cameron’s rear!

LOL!  Sorry Cam!  It’s just that this photo was too funny not to share!

Well, that’s the Around the Compound report for this week. I hope you have been enjoying your life as much as I have.


Go Fly a Kite!!

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I don’t mean that viciously, I just mean go fly a kite.

For real.

It’s entertaining and exciting when you aren’t trying to untangle them for hours.

Or pull them out of trees.

Or keep them out of power lines.  (Yes, we have power lines on the compound)

Or away from the other kites.  (There is a story behind this, it’s for later though)

What I’m trying to say is, for the 20 minutes the kites were in the air, I spent two hours keeping them untangled.  Poor Tori was fed up.  Hers tangled the most because she had never flown a kite before, or maybe it had been so long since she had, she didn’t remember how.

First, Michael got his up in the air.

Now, Tori is giving it a go.

Wow, Michael’s Angry Bird, is way up there!!!

Way, way, way up there!!  Ringo wants the kite!

Now Tori is finally getting her Angry Bird up in the air!!

Down, and tangled.

While this occured, I went and helped her to untangle it, and I told Michael to go get my kite. Well, he walked to the garage, and never put his kite down. He comes back out into the wind, and the two kites tangle together and he gets mad, winds up all the string (and streamers!!) from both kites together onto one handle, and goes inside. That took me an hour (at least) to untangle, and at times, the Hubs, Tori and Michael had to hold different sections of the strings so we could get them untangled from each other.


I should have taken a picture of that, but I didn’t.

I was angry at the Angry Birds.

I showed her how to get her kite up in the air without having to run, and she was finally getting the hang of it.

Finally, way up in the sky! Good job Tori!

Now, Tori’s Angry Bird is way, way, way up there!

In the end, the inevitable happened. Tori’s blue Angry Bird, lost her streamer to the tree.

It was fun though, and we all spent time together, and that is what’s important. I want my children to have fond memories to look back on one day and tell my descendants!


Easter on the Compound

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We had a three day weekend on the compound, and spent a lot of that time working.  It’s hard work to keep a place like this going!  We always try to make the most of it though, and throw some fun in there somehow.

The Hubs was a little forlorn as his children were with their Momma this weekend, but they had a great time and that’s what we want.  Happy kids.

On a sad note, our family lost another member on Good Friday, Thomasene “Tommie” Chapman, who chose this day to go home to the Lord. I know LC, her husband, was waiting with open arms as was our Lord.  Addie and I were going to try and make the trip to go to the visitation tonight, but it just isn’t going to be possible.  We will keep her daughters and their families in our prayers, and we wish we were closer and could be there to support them.

Also, over the weekend, a childhood friend of mine had a son involved in a car crash and they are prolonging his life in order to harvest his organs, per his wishes.  He was just a young man, around my Justin’s age and my heart goes out to his family.  Their family has already suffered many trials this year, so please add them to your prayer list, I would really appreciate it.

You can say what you want about Facebook, but since we couldn’t be with all of our family this past weekend, it is such a blessing to be able to keep up with everyone on there.  Even if we don’t always comment, we are happy to see the goings on in their lives. It seems all our families and friends enjoyed their love ones this weekend in one way or another and we are thankful for that.

The Hubs planted beans, corn, and peas this weekend.  He also planted some tobacco, and he will be doing a post about that soon. Our potatoes are growing, and I even have a couple of pumpkin vines growing.  Man, thinking about pumpkins made me think of fall, and I love fall.  Not that I want to hurry up the year or anything, but man I love fall!!  I have big plans for fall this year!  Man, I love fall!  Ok, sorry.  I shall focus now.

John planting peas, corn and beans

John working on the garden. See the pile of limbs back behind John? That is what I was doing while he was working on the garden. Michael was a great helper and we cleaned up around all the trees in this area of the compound.

Garden No. 2. I can't wait to see the beans, corn and peas. Hopefully we will also plant squash and cucumbers.

All seeds love water!

Knucklehead, man do I wish I had his energy!

I went over to Mom and Dad’s and blew the pollen off of their driveway.  Mainly because if Momma aien’t happy, aien’t nobody happy!  Well,you should know that saying rings true with my Mother.  She can’t remember a lot of things, but she could remember that pollen on her driveway and she wasn’t haven’t it, so over I went.

Now, with Kleenex in one hand, and my inhaler in the other, I would like to thank her.  With those necessities in my hand, I’m typing this up with the two finger hunt and peck!  Thanks Mom!!!  I still love you though, and I will endure this for you anytime.

How about that pollen cloud peeps?

So, while I am contaminating my lungs, guess who has the camera??  You guessed it!  Knucklehead!  And when this happens, you get the following pictures (and the one above):

Knucklehead and his self portrait.

Knucklehead, all I can say is, I'm glad your nose was clean son!

Then, I got the camera back and wanted to get a good picture of him.  This is what I got:

Knucklehead was in a silly mood and would not smile for a normal picture.

I tried to go the whole “Your face will stick like that.” route, but he didn’t care.  He was in rare form this weekend.

So we moved on to our next project:

Coloring Easter Eggs

Knucklehead with his Easter Eggs

Knucklehead, I wonder if he could do that without holding his mouth that way?

Knucklehead can never be serious for longer than, oh, about 30 seconds.

Finally, a smile from Knucklehead, but it was only because he wanted to show off his egg.

That behind us, back outside we went.  Michael decided to ride his dirt bike around the yard for bit.  It’s been a while since he has been on it, so he was being extra careful, but I thought he was in super slow mo.

Knucklehead on his dirt bike

There he goes, but Ringo isn't sure what to think about that! Put your feet up Knucklehead!

Going good now Knucklehead! I didn't get any pictures of him with his feet up, but he did start riding with his feet up after I harped at him. Yes, harped. It's my job. I'm his mother, I harp.

I didn’t get a picture of Michael with his Easter basket because in all honesty, he wasn’t that excited about it.  He laid on the couch for an hour before he ever went over there to see what was in it.  So needless to say, next year, he will get a choc Easter bunny and that’s it.  I will write the Easter Bunny and tell him it is time for him to retire.  I think he’ll be sad.

Knucklehead and Ringo hunting eggs. Knucklehead found eggs, and Ringo found his tennis ball. Ringo was the happiest of the two.

Knucklehead and The Hubs. Michael wouldn't even carry the basket, so what does that tell you??

This was the last egg found. Happy Easter Knucklehead.

Well, that pretty much sums up our weekend.  I just realized we didn’t eat Ham for Easter, and I’m disappointed in that.  I always eat Ham on Easter.  We were so busy, I never even thought about it.    I see a ham in my future.  My very near future.

Until next time…


Blooming and Growing Around the Compound

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So, Dad did fast the next morning for the Dr.  he managed to NOT eat a sausage biscuit and drink a HUGE glass of milk this time, and this time the visit was uneventful.  Thank goodness!

Afterwards we drove up by the dam to see how the lake was looking. Beautiful as ever.

Greers Ferry Lake, Dam at Heber Springs

Dam at Heber Springs

Things are really in bloom around the compound, and growing fast.

Garlic in bloom

Won’t be long and my Iris’ will be opened up. I love the Color Purple, the color and the movie. I loves Harpo too, but I kill him dead…. oh, sorry.  I was getting carried away. Here’s my color purple Iris’.

The Color Purple Iris'

Here’s Uncle Frank, not really him, but his old headstone. Uncle Frank E. Parks died in 1897 and he was only 9 years old when he passed. He has a new headstone in the Cypress Cemetery in Willow, Arkansas with all his information on it, so we brought his old one home and it adorns my flower bed. I think he would like that.

Uncle Frank Elbert Parks' headstone

As usual, Michael was around to liven things up, never a dull moment when he is around.




We went up to check on our potato patch, and boy hidey!! I will have potatoes all winter this time it looks like. The grass is coming up too though so that fence row will have to be cleaned up. Pretty soon it will be time to plant some veggies.

Knucklehead in the potato patch

The Hubs and Knucklehead, before grass removal

Potato Patch after the grass removal

Well, now we are off to my brother’s to eat Pizza.  I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Spring has sprung on The Compound

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We just spent two days working out in the yard, cleaning up all the leaves from around the house and out of the flower beds.  We cleaned up around the pool and mowed the yard.  With all the brown leaves removed, the place sure brightened up.

Our House. My azaleas are beautiful. I love the pink! I just wish they would stay that way longer.

I'm standing by my front flower bed, and looking out to the left of my house. It's hard to see but Mom and Dad's house is snuggled up against the woods on the other side of those hills.

I called my mother and asked her to come look at my flower bed.  She helped me plant about 100 bulbs in it last fall.  Since she just lives right here, she came over on her mule.  No, not a real mule, a motorized mule.  Although we do have some of  those in the field behind my house, they belong to a neighbor.

Mom was happy as could be.  She has Alzheimer’s and every day becomes a bigger struggle for her.  For now, she still knows us and knows where she is but there is a definite decline in her short time memory.  In fact, probably by the time she got back home she forgot what she was even doing at my house.  It breaks my heart for her, but she is a trooper!!  She started waving and smiling about half way over here.

My Momma

There are no signs of the 60 tulip bulbs that I planted, but its still a little early for them.  I do have Iris’ and Garlic coming up.  I can’t wait until the blooms open up fully.

Garlic Bulb

Here’s my yellow bluebird house.  A bluebird flew out of it when I was working in the flower bed.  I wasn’t quick enough to get him on camera.  You can see my house behind it.

Bluebird house

Here comes my husband, he’s mulching up the last piles of leaves that I pulled out from the sides of the house.

The Hubs - see the blue bird house on the tree?? I love to have the birds around here.

And we can’t leave Ringo out, he loves to be outside when the weather is good.  He played out here all day.

Ringo Lizard

On the way back to the house, I dodged bees.  Lots of them, all over my azaleas.  But I didn’t dodge this beautiful butterfly.  He was really busy.




So, I’m worn out from the work, but it’s always rewarding to get the place looking nice and ready for summer.  I can’t wait until we open the pool.  That time will be here before you know it!



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