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Dawes Packets added to website

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In 1902, Jane Ridley, daughter of Paul and Matilda Higginbotham Willis, granddaughter of Sanford and Jane Holley Higginbotham applied for identification as a Mississippi Choctaw.

In this application, she states that her mother Matilda, was 1/2 Choctaw and that her father Paul, was also 1/2 Choctaw, making herself also 1/2 Choctaw.

Family legend has always provided us with the story that Jane Holley Higginbotham was full-blooded Indian, taken in and raised by the Holley’s as their own.

I’m not really surprised that her application was denied.  She didn’t have her ducks in a row, and I imagine in that day and time, it would not be easy to secure the records that she would have needed to prove this.

Do I think because they refused her application that she wasn’t 1/2 Choctaw?  Absolutely not.  I just think she didn’t have the means or the ability to prove it.

I would be interested to know what your opinion is after reading this packet.  I have several questions after reading it, but one of the main ones is that they nearly always refer to the Holley’s in this report as Holla’s, and I was wondering if anyone else had knowledge of this name or think that this is an error??

I have added her report for your review, and I will be adding those of her children in the days to come.  You can find the Dawes Packets from the menu above, or you can just follow this link:  Dawes Packets

Hoping for some feed back on this one!

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