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Find Me Friday – Bob Hooker

Hello Everyone, this Friday I will be doing my Find Me Friday a bit different. Instead of posting a picture of an unidentified photo, I will be posting an identified photo of Bob Hooker. My 3rd great grandmother was Mary George Hooker Herring Bickley and this photo was in her belongings and copied by me from Butch Harris, and Martha Harris Horn who are in possession of the original photo.


It is my hope that I can find out who Bob Hooker is, and how he relates to Mary George Hooker Herring Bickley.

Also, since I know I got a few snickers out of the surname “Hooker” I thought it would be wise to let you know at this time, how it is believed prostitutes came about being called Hookers. (Thanks to my cousin Debbie for pointing this out to me!) During the civil war there was a man by the name of Joseph Hooker, a major general of the Union Army, also known as “Fighting Joe”. Fighting Joe was defeated by General Robert E. Lee at the battle of Chancellorsville in 1863. His troops were poorly disciplined and famous for running off to socialize with “working girls”. Hooker having a reputation for a hard-drinking ladies man and being widely known for his parties and gambling at his headquarters, allowed the prostitutes to set up shop in his camps. Thus, keeping his men in place and very happy. Any woman questioned as to what she was doing there would reply, “I’m one of Hooker’s girls.” Eventually this was shortened to just “Hooker” and while it can be said that the word “Hooker” appears in print some twenty years prior to the civil war in regards to prostitutes, it is believed by many that the events of the civil war regarding “Fighting Joe” Hooker’s girl’s and activities it popularized the term, cementing it in place, even still today.

Now, I know your next question is if I am related to Major General Joseph Hooker, and I must reply that no southern lady would ever admit to such a thing as that!


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Find Me Friday – Unidentified Photos

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I’m not sure who these ladies are. Their photo was in with the belongings of my 2nd great grandparent’s, FH and Mildred Williams. They could be friends, or they could be Martin’s, Pill’s, Dial’s or even Higginbotham’s. If you happen to recognize them, please let me know.


Find Me Friday – Unidentified Photos

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Here’s a couple of pictures that I think could possibly be a Robertson….

If you recognize the above, please let me know.


Find Me Friday- Unidentified Photos

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This gentlemen could be a Williams, a Higginbotham, a Martin or even a family friend.  He feels like he’s familia.  You tell me!  Do you recognize him?

This photo is from the same collection as the photo above, so they could be Martin’s, Williams’, or Higginbotham’s, or any extensions of those families.  Anyone recognize that house?

I originally thought this was the family of Thomas C. Martin, but they have been eliminated.  I now just think they are MARTIN’S, but I have no clue which ones.  Anyone recognize any of them?

If you have an unidentified photo that you would like me to showcase, feel free to email it to me.  It does work, I have had photo’s identified and it is very exciting.


Identified!!! Sarah “Sallie” Ann Courtney Martin Pill

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Thank you to Allen Webb for identifying this photo of my 3rd great-grandmother, Sarah “Sallie” Ann Courtney, who married my 3rd great-grandfather, Henry Washington Martin, and then later married George Pill after Wash Martin passed away.


I guess posting these unidentified photo’s really is worth it.   So exciting!!

Look for more coming up soon.


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