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Around The Compound – Chicken Manure – Building The Garden

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This is the first blog post ever for me.  I’m Susie’s husband John.  I hope y’all ain’t disappointed since I’m not the skilled blogger that you’ve grown accustomed to.  My wife Susie does a great job!! Susie and I took a few pictures on Feb. 23, 2014 of regular activities that go on around the compound, I believe them to be worthy of sharing…

Windy and cool, plowing the garden.

Windy and cool, plowing the garden.

It’s time to do some gardening any time!  Gardening and garden building goes on twelve months a year around here.  Adding organic material enriches the soil.  Year round tilling keeps me from having to fight weeds and grass in my garden all summer by keeping the weed roots and seeds exposed to the winter frost.

Plowing in the compost pile.

Plowing in the compost pile.

Compost is very important for building soil for gardening.  We save grass clippings, kitchen scraps, leftover corn stalks, anything organic in a compost pile beside the garden.  Above is a picture of me on our tractor spreading and tilling the compost into the soil. I’m also plowing in the remains of our winter turnip crop.  Mount Vernon soil is fairly poor and rocky but we have built our garden soil to be quite rich.

Great Garden Dirt!

Great Garden Dirt!

I find that adding hay to the soil and chopping it in with the tiller whenever I can get my hands on some is great.  It not only adds organic material to the soil, it also helps the soil hold moisture during the dry summer months.

Freshly Plowed Dirt.

Freshly Plowed Dirt.

Oops!  I haven’t mentioned anything about chicken manure yet!

Stop Thief! You're stealing my poop!!!

Stop Thief! You’re stealing my poop!!!

These two old roosters are investigating the theft of what is probably the most valuable additive that goes into my garden soil.  Chicken manure not only has stinky funk, it also has nitrogen which is essential to producing a great vegetable garden.

cleaning out the hen house!

Cleaning out the hen-house!


Chickens and hay.

Chickens and hay.

I had to include the photograph above!  It’s just a really good picture of some chickens and hay.

I got away with the poop!

I got away with the poop!

Ok, we’ve now added the poop to the garden.  The chickens didn’t like me taking it from the hen-house but I’m sure they’ll enjoy the fresh produce this summer.  Hope you weren’t too bored by the garden building blog. The very next day we planted our potatoes for the year.  I have lots of good photos of that too.  I’ll try to get them on here soon.

Around the Compound

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I’m pretty sure I live on a farm now.

If I leave for any length of time, by the time I come home, I have new animals.

When I was gone on my research trip, I game home to these little piggies.

This is Ham, Petunia, and Bacon.  Petunia is here to stay, she is the cutie in the middle.  Ham, and Bacon, I don’t even want to think about it.  I just know I can’t get attached to them.


Yes, they are piggin’ out…  HA!  Sorry I couldn’t help it.

They are actually standing in their food bowl.

I told them, “You sound like pigs when you eat.”

Wait, What?

Oh, yeah, they are pigs!!

Our little chicks we got a couple of weeks ago are actually starting to look like chickens.

Do you think these two are plotting their escape??

Shortly after my husband came home with the chickens, my mother said, “I sure wish you had gotten guineas instead, I’ve always wanted guineas.”

So, guess what?

The Hubs then comes home with these. The suck up!

Thanks Mom!

Who is going to feed all these animals if The Hubs has to go out-of-town on another contract???

Ok, I’ll feed them, but I refuse to clean up any bombs left any where.



The Hubs has also been busy with my birdhouses.

I’ve had this bird house for about eight years.  It occupied a corner of my garage and housed spiders.  The spiders are no longer happy.  I imagine they were in shock when the first birds moved in and had them for a snack.

I’ve been asking for a long time for him to help me get it put up and so I’m sure he got tired of me whining about how my bird house was being ill-used and he decided to go ahead and put it up for me.

Plus he got brownie points and I quite whining.

Double victory.

But doesn’t it look pretty on the top of that cedar tree?

Then, The Hubs and Cameron made me this bird house for Mother’s Day.

I love my birdhouses, so thank you family.

Michael got me a really pretty hanging basket of flowers for the porch for Mother’s Day. So thank you Michael! (I’m a bad mother, picture coming soon!)

Our garden is growing too, here are a few pictures of it.

And, last but not least, the kiddo report.

Tori had a whole day in the pool by herself before the boys got here.

And it was a good thing, because Tori and Michael left all the toys in the pool on Saturday and when I went outside all the toys were jammed into the return basket and the pump was sucking air.

So they lost pool privileges for a day.

Sadly, I don’t think they cared, but I’ll let you know if I made any kind of impression on them whatsoever about pool rules.  I’ll know by whether they leave toys in the pool or not the next time they go swimming.

So, since they couldn’t get in the pool, they had to be inventive.

The boys rode their skateboards, and Cameron was showing off tricks.  Michael rode his trickless, and Tori stood over by Cameron’s truck and sang to them the whole time! Watch out American Idol!!

Please take a moment to notice that even though I didn’t catch it in the photo, all that dust behind Cameron is from a car that went down the road.  It’s important to remember that before you scroll down, because I swear that it’s dust from the road, and not dirty WIND coming out of Cameron’s rear!

LOL!  Sorry Cam!  It’s just that this photo was too funny not to share!

Well, that’s the Around the Compound report for this week. I hope you have been enjoying your life as much as I have.


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