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All Good Things Must Come To An End!

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But why???  Because it must!  I must return to my children, husband and family before they send out a search party.

I had so much fun here in the DC area with cousins and my niece Leslie.

Last Wednesday I flew up to DC and had literally had my head in the clouds, the day was absolutely beautiful looking at the clouds.

Head in the Clouds

Head in the Clouds

Last Thursday, I went to the DAR headquarters and did research, and found out I have a total of eight American Patriots.

DAR Headquarters

DAR Headquarters

On Dad’s side of the family, I have Thomas Bullard.

On Mom’s side of the family I have Isaac Ball, Jacob Dennard, John Smith Jr., Abraham Neighbours, William Hooks, John Roberts and Godfrey Shelton.

So amazing!  And the good thing was I was able to copy things out of their files like on Lt. Jacob Dennard for instance, I now have a copy of the original pay stubs from the American Revolution.  Top that!  🙂  Of course I also collected wills, bible records, and general information about the family.  I think the DAR headquarters is one of the best sources around for genealogical information.

Then on Friday I went to the National Archives and pulled and actually held in my hand a copy of the muster rolls for Sanford Higginbotham from the Indian Creek Wars in 1836.

Sanford Higginbotham Muster Roll

Sanford Higginbotham Muster Roll

I also held in my hand a copy of the muster rolls from the war of 1812 for my great-grandfather Ben Martin.

Benjamin Martin Muster Roll

Benjamin Martin Muster Roll

Then on Saturday, Leslie and I hung around her apartment and watched Six Feet Under all day while working on genealogy and cleaning and organizing some things in her apartment.  Well, mostly she did that but I did assist a bit.  It was a good day at any rate.

Then, on Sunday, we went and got pedicures and drove to Fredericksburg, VA to meet our Hooker cousin.  Ok, close your mouth, not a real Hooker, a cousin with the surname Hooker.  As a family with “Hooker” as a surname of my Ancestors, I’d truly like to thank Gen. Joseph Hooker for ruining the good name and making it feel dirty to say.  Doucher.  I mean, the whole time we were there talking, it was just awkward to talk about Hookers in front of Jamie’s children.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of all of us together, but I forgot!  How stupid!  Anyway, we figured out we are 3rd cousins 2x removed and we all had a great time visiting and getting to know each other.  I really look forward to getting to know Jamie and her husband a lot better.

Then, on Monday, I met up with my 3rd cousin Jim Marsh and we headed over to 3rd cousin John Dawson’s house in McLean, VA where we spent the day scanning photos and other family documents from the Ball side of my family.  It was totally awesome and John surprised me with a video he had taken interviewing his grandmother, Gladys Ball Gregg back in 1985.  To hear her talk about family and my ancestors, was truly a treat.  With John’s permission I will be sharing some of that soon!  This is John and his lovely wife Ann.

John and Ann Dawson

John and Ann Dawson

This was a favorite find of mine, a picture of my great Aunt Dorothy with Jim’s mother Bonnie Harkness Marsh.  I love both of these women.

Bonnie Marsh and Dorothy Johnson

Aunt Dorothy Johnson and Bonnie Marsh

Then on Tuesday, Jim and I met back up and we back to the DAR for a bit, and then Jim left and went to visit some other cousins, and I went to the Smithsonian American History Museum and back to the National Archives for a while and just killed time until Leslie got off work.  Then we had a nice dinner, and went to a movie.  A rocking movie theater with recliners.  How fun and relaxing!

At the movies reclining!

At the movies reclining!

Now, today I’m packing up and will spend the day traveling by planes, trains and automobiles.  Let’s just hope I have an easier time than John Candy did.

Those Places Thursday – Whaley Farm in Bowie Co., Texas

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When I went to New Jersey back in August and visited with Bonnie Marsh, we had a very interesting conversation about her childhood on the Whaley Farm, in Bowie Co., Texas. After hearing the story, she kindly told it to me again, so I could video tape and share it here with you.

Bonnie was cared for on this farm by a woman named Pree Carson.  Bonnie would very much like to hear from someone in the Carson family so she can share some of her wonderful memories of Pree and her husband Charlie, along with their daughter, Toots.

Here’s the story.

Here are a few of the photos that I shared in the video.

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Day Two of my DC Trip

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This is my recap of what we did on Saturday, August 3rd. As you can see, this is August 14th, and I am way behind.  I had every intention of updating each night, but then my laptop went capoot, and I just didn’t have it in me, to do it from my iPad.

This day of my trip, was so tiring, that I just get tired all over again thinking about it.   My poor feet haven’t seen this much action since I was a teenager probably.

Speaking of which, the couch to 5k was put on hold during this trip because I was so busy there, and I was already doing so much walking, but there’s no worries.  I swear I have walked more this trip than I have in the last year.

Yay, me!

Ok, here comes the recap:

Leslie and I got up and drove back over to Bonnie’s house. We had a great stay in the local Holiday Inn Express thanks to Bonnie. Then we set to work visiting with Bonnie. She tells wonderful stories which I recorded and will be shared here with you in the future.  I can’t wait to get these recaps over with so I can share all the great genealogical stuff I found!

This is me and Bonnie.

Here is Jim working on some files we were sharing back and forth and Bonnie was telling stories.


Look at all that stuff on the table, what you can’t see is boxes, and stuff spread out on the floor that we went through.

I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful it was to sit and listen to Bonnie talk about my grandmother’s family. I was so close to my grandmother my whole life up until her passing, and this just made me feel closer to her again.  When I look in Bonnie’s eyes, I swear it’s like looking in my grandmother’s.

We had a sad goodbye and departed. Leslie and I then headed to Camden, New Jersey where the U.S.S. New Jersey was docked.

USS New JerseyYou see these ships on TV in documentaries, but no one can prepare you for the sheer magnitude of them.

USS New JerseyLeslie and I tried throughout this whole trip to get a selfie at each stop.  Sometimes it became quite comical.

Visiting the USS New Jersey was really special for Leslie and I because our cousin Mr. Carl Hurt served on the ship during WWII. This is Mr. Carl during that time.


And this is my sweet Mr. Carl back in April when I last visited him.  He lives three hours from me, and I sure wish we lived closer together.

Carl Hurt - 2013
He’s fallen and hurt his hips and is not doing so good, so I was happy to call him from the ship. He was able to tell me what his job was, and what part of the ship he was on. I had him on speaker phone and one of the men working on the ship listened in, and asked Mr. Carl a few questions, and then he took us to the part of the ship that Mr. Carl worked on. This section was closed off to the public, so this was a very nice gesture.

USS New Jersey

Mr. Carl was a gunner loader, and he put these shells into the gun behind this man.  You can see the tip of one of the shells sticking up inside the gun, and he’s holding an empty shell that would eject out of the side of the gun.  He was explaining that when the shell would pop out, it would leave dings in the deck.

USS New Jersey

All those dings represent shells fired.

I had to beg this nice gentlemen to let me take his picture, he finally agreed and I’m so glad.  He went out of his way to show us where Mr. Carl worked and to explain Mr. Carl’s job to us.  He did not have to do this.  I wanted to be able to show Mr. Carl his picture.

John DiBlasio

I will give more details on Mr. Carl’s job and experience later, as this was just part of the process of the interview I have planned with him. He wants to tell his story from WWII and since Leslie and I were so close to the ship, I had to go and get some pictures for him and to see the ship myself.  Now, when he tells his story, I will be able to understand the ship.

I can see why these ships were made for young men (and women), because going up and down these stairs is no easy feat.  We weaved our way up and down and in out of the ship.

USS New Jersey

We tried out the beds, and I’m telling you, they should get an award for just sleeping on these things.  I’m inserting Leslie’s picture here cause she just looks way better than I did laying on this bed!  LOL

USS New JerseyBack up on deck and I can imagine that when these guns were fired, you would want to be below deck.

USS New JerseyTo show you the sheer magnitude of this deck, there’s a helicopter on here and there is still plenty of room for lots more stuff.  The helicopter is small in comparison.

USS New JerseyThe U.S.S. New Jersey is one of the most decorated ships in Naval history.

USS New JerseyAs we left the ship, I had to take one last look back, and think about my Mr. Carl and what he must have seen and done on this ship.  It blows my mind that we got to stand where he stood.  I can’t wait to share my experience with him.

One last look back, before we left.

USS New JerseyIt was getting really late in the evening by the time we left, and we decided to go to Philadelphia and find something to eat.

This was my first trip to Philadelphia, and I was in awe of all the history you can see just from passing by in a car.


Philadelphia - Congress Hall




We parked and ate at Chili’s and then got back on the road.



Then as we headed back over the Ben Franklin Bridge, what do I see but a beautiful rainbow!!

Philadelphia Rainbow


And an even more beautiful sunset!

Philadelphia Sunset

Guess what?

It’s not over.

Ha!  When we got back to D.C., Leslie wanted me to see how beautiful everything is when lit up at night, and boy was she right.





DC - Red Cross



Now, it’s over.  Thank goodness.  I’m worn out just going back over the whole day.

I’ll be doing a catch up of the other days, and don’t forget, my two-year blog anniversary is coming up in just two days, and I have a huge give-away, so stay tuned folks!

Meeting Cousins and Jersey Shore

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My plane arrived last night in Baltimore and Leslie picked me up at the airport. We drove to somewhere in Maryland to have dinner with Leslie’s friend Dan. I wish I could remember where, but that has left me. Anywho, the food was good and so was the company.
We sat and chatted for a while and had a great meal then we drove to Arlington, Virginia to Leslie’s apartment. She lives on the 12th floor, which makes me woozy.20130803-000924.jpg
By this time, it was getting late and we went to bed. We got up this morning and drove to New Jersey to meet Bonnie Ball Harkness Marsh, my 2nd cousin 1x removed, and her son Jim Marsh, who is my 3rd cousin. We got there just in time to eat lunch together and visit for a while.

Then we drove to Jersey Shore, at Asbury Park Boardwalk. This was a really cool place. We had a great time walking the boardwalk with Bonnie and Jim.
This is Bonnie and Jim.
We did a little taking in of the sights.
Then we decided we would walk down the beach to the water and stick our feet in the water. Bonnie stayed on the Boardwalk and waited for us to get back.




When we got back to the boardwalk, Bonnie was still waiting on us.
After this we drove back to Bonnie’s house, and had a great afternoon and evening. We traded family stories and genealogies and then we went to dinner.

Now it’s time to crash and rest up for tomorrow!

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