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Workday Wednesday – Bye Ball, Bowie Co., Texas Tax Collector

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Bye Ball at work, Bowie Co., Texas

Bye Ball at work. Bowie Co., Texas Courthouse. Date unknown. Digital Image, 2013 by Susie Reynolds. Original held by Karen Ball Cowan of Texarkana, Texas.

Sam H. Ball, Sr., or Bye Ball as he was known to everyone, was my great-grandfather.  He can be seen standing in the doorway of a vault.  Blowing the picture up, I could see old courthouse books stacked in a shelf behind him.

My mother remembered going to visit him in New Boston, Texas and that he worked at the courthouse.  She couldn’t remember what he did for a living, but she thought he might have been a Sheriff at one time.  His death certificate told me he was a retired Tax Collector.  I’ll have to do some research into this.

I am assuming this is in the old courthouse, because I have been in the new one and where they have those books now, looks nothing like this room.

I also have no clue who the other gentlemen are in the picture.  If any of you recognize anyone, please let me know the names so I can add their names to this post.


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